Is Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup Discontinued? Get the Facts Here

Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup has been a beloved comfort food staple for generations. This thick, hearty tomato-based soup features a savory blend of bacon, white beans, and carrots. It’s the perfect quick meal – just heat and eat. But recently, some concerning rumors have been circulating that this iconic canned soup may be going away for good.

As a Campbell’s soup enthusiast myself, I was disturbed to hear whispers that Bean with Bacon could be on the chopping block. I decided to do some digging to find out if this soup is really being discontinued. Here’s what I discovered.

A Worrying Rumor Emerges

The first murmurs of a potential Bean with Bacon discontinuation surfaced in 2008. On October 10, an original poster kicked off a discussion thread titled “Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup” on the popular forum City-Data. The original poster explained that their father had been informed by a store employee that Campbell’s was ceasing production of Bean with Bacon soup.

Understandably upset by this news, the original poster wanted to find out if the rumors were true. They asked if anyone else had heard that the soup was being discontinued, saying “Is it true? Say it ain’t so!”

It quickly became clear that the original poster was not alone in their concern. Many other forum members chimed in, expressing their dismay and hoping the reports were false. One member recalled fond childhood memories of eating Bean with Bacon soup while watching The Wizard of Oz. Another shared that it was the only soup their husband would eat. The passionate reactions showed just how beloved this soup is.

In response to the worrying rumor, some forum members took action. One member stated that they had fired off several emails to Campbell’s looking for answers. Others vowed to inspect their local supermarket shelves to see if the soup was still in stock. The disappearance of Bean with Bacon soup from store shelves could offer the first hint of a discontinued product.

Seeking Answers from Campbell’s

With Campbell’s remaining silent so far, forum members dug for answers themselves One resourceful member named Beretta did some online research on the Campbell’s website They shared links indicating Bean with Bacon was still featured online with no mention of discontinuation.

Beretta also posted the Campbell’s customer service contact page and encouraged others to reach out Emailing the company directly could elicit a response and clarify the soup’s fate

Other members offered educated guesses to explain the worrying reports. One speculated that perhaps certain stores had stopped stocking the soup due to low sales volume in their area. However, this would not indicate a nationwide discontinuation.

An Ongoing Mystery

In the subsequent years since the original 2008 forum post, the discontinuation of Bean with Bacon soup remains an unsettled issue. Conflicting reports have periodically surfaced indicating the soup was being phased out. Yet it has remained listed on Campbell’s site and available for purchase.

In 2021, a Reddit thread again raised the issue, with users echoing the same concerns from 2008. Many shared anecdotes of being unable to find the product in stores anymore. However, Reddit users in some regions like Texas stated the soup was still easy to find. So access seems to vary by location.

Campbell’s has made no recent announcements about removing Bean with Bacon from shelves. The company’s website still lists it as an active product with a full nutritional profile and ingredient list. Interestingly, in 2021 Campbell’s released a lower-sodium version of the soup called Healthy Request Bean with Bacon to appeal to health-conscious shoppers. This suggests continued commitment to the Bean with Bacon line.

Examining the Evidence

Sifting through the available information reveals some key facts:

  • Online sources indicate Bean with Bacon is still an active Campbell’s product.

  • Availability seems to vary by geographical region, with some shoppers reporting lack of access.

  • New product releases like Healthy Request show Campbell’s is still investing in the Bean with Bacon brand.

  • Campbell’s has not made any official announcements of discontinuation.

From this evidence, it seems likely that production of Bean with Bacon soup continues uninterrupted. The spotty in-store availability reported in some areas may reflect normal fluctuations in regional inventory. Any permanent discontinuation by Campbell’s would be formalized on their websites and through press releases.

Troubling Shortages Lead to Confusion

Sporadic shortages of Bean with Bacon soup on store shelves have fueled discontinuation fears. However, these shortages alone do not definitively prove cancellation of the product. Limited inventory could stem from factors like:

  • Supply chain disruptions limiting distribution

  • Regional warehouses out of stock

  • Sudden surges in consumer demand

  • Store inventory errors

  • Transition to newer low-sodium formula

Temporary shortages when stocks run low do not inherently mean a discontinuation. Unfortunately, when confronted with empty soup aisles, worried shoppers understandably assume the worst. Limited communication from Campbell’s during shortages likely compounds consumer fears of a permanent cancellation.

More transparency from Campbell’s on inventory and production issues could ease concerns. Just a simple reassurance from the company that Bean with Bacon remains in production despite temporary shortages would go a long way.

What Does This Mean for Fans?

For loyal Bean with Bacon enthusiasts like myself, what does all this mean?

The lack of definitive proof of discontinuation is reassuring. For now, we can be confident that each day Campbell’s churns out more of this delicious soup. However, the spotty shortages in recent years signal that access to our beloved soup faces some vulnerabilities.

Here are some tips to make sure you never go without your favorite hearty and savory soup:

  • If you can’t find it in stores, try ordering Bean with Bacon soup online through sites like Amazon or directly from Campbell’s.

  • Call ahead to your local grocery store’s customer service desk to ask about inventory status. Ask exactly when they expect the next shipment.

  • Set up alerts on store websites to be notified when Bean with Bacon is back in stock.

  • Buy a few extra cans or even cases when you do see it on shelves to build your reserves.

  • Consider adding other Creamy Tomato or White Bean and Bacon soups to your repertoire that provide a similar flavor profile.

With some planning and perseverance, we can ride out any supply issues that arise and keep enjoying this cherished soup. Campbell’s would be wise to take notice of their loyal fan base and assure us that Bean with Bacon will remain available long into the future.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, my extensive research shows no hard evidence of a true discontinuation of Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup. The company itself has not formally announced plans to cease production. Availability issues appear to stem from temporary shortages in the supply chain or certain regions rather than permanent cancellation.

For the foreseeable future, Campbell’s seems committed to keeping this nostalgic product on the market. But inconsistent access and lack of transparency from the company will understandably continue to worry devotees of this comforting classic. As Campbell’s biggest fan, I know I’ll be stocking up on cans whenever I spot them. Here’s hoping Campbell’s keeps Bean with Bacon soup flowing for generations more to come!

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What soup is Campbell’s discontinuing?

Campbell’s Chunky Philly-Style Cheesesteak soup Campbell’s officially discontinued its Philly-style cheesecake soup in 2021 to very little pushback.

Why is Campbell’s soup out of stock everywhere?

The issue is down to supplier problems and the soups should return soon, sources have told The Sun. A pack of six cans has reportedly been listed on eBay for £47.44. Campbell’s said the shortages might have come as a result of discussions over a new licensee partner in the UK.

Does Campbell soup still make bean soup?

Campbell’s® Condensed Bean with Bacon Soup is a full-flavored blend of white beans, bacon and carrots in a savory tomato puree. Hearty and versatile, it’s great to have on hand to use as an inventive ingredient in recipes.

Does Campbell’s make a cream of Bacon Soup?

Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Bacon soup is an incredibly versatile soup. It’s delicious when eaten on its own and also a great addition to help you make delicious weeknight recipes! Cream of Bacon Soup is made with real ingredients like real cream and real bacon, and with no artificial colours or flavours.

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