Is Sterling Silver Beef Really Hormone-Free?

When it comes to high-quality beef, Sterling Silver is one of the top names that comes to mind. They pride themselves on producing premium beef products by hand-selecting cuts and ensuring consistent marbling and tenderness

But one common question from health-conscious consumers is – is Sterling Silver beef 100% hormone-free like they claim? In this in-depth article we’ll examine the evidence behind Sterling Silver’s hormone-free statement and help you determine if it lives up to the claim.

What is Sterling Silver Beef?

Sterling Silver Beef positions itself as a top-tier beef brand focused on restaurant-quality cuts. Their beef comes from cattle that are:

  • Grain-fed to produce moderate marbling
  • Upper 2/3 USDA graded Choice quality
  • Aged a minimum of 21 days for tenderness
  • Hand-selected to ensure ideal marbling, texture, and consistency

The brand states their beef is sourced from a few select processing facilities in the US and Canada. They also cite that no hormones or antibiotics are used by their cattle suppliers.

This hormone-free claim is central to Sterling Silver’s marketing. But are these assertions fully accurate when we scrutinize their standards?

Why Do Beef Producers Use Hormones?

First, it’s important to understand why hormones are used in conventional beef production. Growth hormones allow cattle to build muscle faster and utilize their feed more efficiently.

Common hormones used include:

  • Estradiol – Increases protein synthesis
  • Testosterone – Boosts muscle growth
  • Progesterone – Improves feed efficiency
  • Zeranol – Mimics estrogen to promote weight gain

However consumer wariness about potential risks from hormone residues has led some brands to promote hormone-free options.

Reviewing Sterling Silver’s Hormone Claims

Sterling Silver clearly states multiple times across their website and marketing materials that their beef contains “no hormones or antibiotics”.

This seems like a definitive statement. But are there any caveats when we examine their protocols and supply chain?

Here are the key factors to analyze:

USDA Grading

  • Sterling Silver cattle must meet USDA Upper 2/3 Choice grade.

  • The USDA does allow use of legal, regulated hormones in their Quality Grades.

  • However, the Choice grade focuses on marbling and maturity – not hormone usage.

Grain Finishing

  • Cattle are grain-finished to encourage marbling.

  • Finishing on grain does not require hormone implants. Cattle may be raised hormone-free and then finished on grain.

Supply Chain

  • Sterling sources from a few facilities, but no other supply chain details provided.

  • No information on if facilities process only Sterling Silver or other brands too.

Verifying Hormone-Free

  • No information provided on how hormone-free status is verified before or during processing.

  • No third-party audits mentioned to trace cattle back to ranch of origin.

Based on the available evidence, Sterling Silver provides assurances but limited proof their beef cattle are actually audited and verified as hormone-free throughout the supply chain.

Comparing Sterling Silver to Certified Hormone-Free Brands

To better assess Sterling Silver’s hormone-free claim, it’s useful to compare them to brands with certified hormone-free programs:

  • Nolan Ryan Beef – Validated by USDA Process Verified Program to be hormone and antibiotic free

  • Strauss Free Range – Certified hormone and antibiotic free by Food Alliance

  • Prather Ranch – Cattle are PCO Certified 100% Grassfed by CCOF which prohibits hormone usage

These brands provide validated proof through audited programs. Sterling Silver currently does not offer this level of third-party certification for their hormone-free status.

Is Sterling Silver Beef 100% Hormone-Free?

Based on the available information provided by Sterling Silver about their sourcing, processing, and protocols, here’s our verdict:

Uncertain – While Sterling Silver likely produces hormone-free beef, their specific standards and supply chain practices do not provide definitive proof or transparency. Their hormone-free claims remain unverified.

Sterling Silver’s practices very well may result in hormone-free beef. However, without traceability and audited verification, consumers cannot fully validate their beef is indeed 100% hormone-free like their marketing states.

More transparency and certified audits would go a long way toward backing up their hormone claims. But currently the evidence remains inconclusive from a consumer perspective.

Should You Choose Sterling Silver Beef?

At the end of the day, Sterling Silver is still an exceptional quality beef brand focused on delivering optimal marbling, tenderness and flavor.

If verified hormone-free status is a must for you, then Sterling Silver may not meet your needs without further proof. However, if you are less stringent on certified hormone-free, then Sterling Silver remains a solid option for great tasting premium beef.

Here are some factors to weigh when deciding if Sterling Silver Beef fits your preferences:


  • Delicious highly marbled grain-finished flavor
  • Consistent texture ideal for high-end restaurants
  • Good transparency on finishing practices


  • Lack of audited hormone-free certification
  • No supply chain traceability details
  • Only choice-graded not upper prime

Sterling Silver Beef compares well to competitors on eating quality and marbling but lags on validated production claims. Their hormone-free statement remains questionable without verification. But with more transparency, they could become a leader in certified hormone-free beef.

The Takeaway on Sterling Silver’s Hormone Claims

Sterling Silver Premium Beef makes a clear claim their meat is 100% hormone-free. However, the evidence backing this up is currently lacking.

While their cattle may indeed be raised without hormones, Sterling Silver needs to provide more traceability and audited proof before consumers can fully take their word and validate the beef is completely hormone-free.

More transparency would help strengthen Sterling Silver’s admirable focus on quality marbled beef. But verified hormone-free certification is still needed to confirm their marketing matches reality.

Why Sterling Silver Premium Beef?


Is Sterling Silver beef grass-fed?

While grass-fed cattle have a certain quality reputation throughout the industry, grain-fed cows are more readily able to produce consistent, rich marbling. That’s why Sterling Silver selects cattle that are grain-fed and only produce marbling that is moderate, slightly abundant or moderately abundant.

Does certified angus beef have hormones?

In addition to our already stringent 10 quality standards, Certified Angus Beef ® brand Natural also must be from cattle fed a vegetarian diet, and never given antibiotics nor hormones. It’s simply natural, simply delicious beef.

What is silver beef?

Silverside of beef is a large, lean, boneless cut of meat with a course grained texture. It is mostly used for roasting joints, braising steaks or dice. Silverside and Topside of beef are both taken from the hind quarter of the animal, between the rump and the leg.

What is the difference between USDA Choice and certified Angus beef?

In addition to the Angus beef qualification, the meat is also distinguished by grade. Certified Angus Beef (which is graded by the USDA) must be in the top two grades, and will either be listed as Prime or Choice. 1 Choice grade Certified Angus Beef is generally of better quality than an average cut of choice beef.

Why should you choose sterling silver® Premium Beef?

Premium beef for a premium experience How your great dishes begin We strive to provide chefs with hand-selected beef cuts that provide unwavering quality in marbling, flavor, texture and consistency. This is how Sterling Silver® Premium Beef allows your creativity to shine every time you enter the kitchen. Why choose our beef

What is sterling silver ® premium meat?

Sterling Silver ® Premium Meats are an important part of delivering amazing dining experiences for your customers. Our beef is developed specifically for select restaurants that carefully choose their ingredients to ensure the very best in every dish.

What is sterling silver ®?

If you are human, leave this field blank. SIGN UP NOW Sterling Silver® provides chefs hand-selected beef cuts with unwavering quality in marbling, flavor & texture. Premium beef for a premium dining experience.

Is there a hormone-free beef?

It is also important to understand that there is no such thing as “hormone-free” beef. As stated above, hormones are naturally occurring and if they were eliminated completely from the body the animal could not survive. Therefore, any amount of beef (or any animal product for that matter) will have some level of naturally occurring hormone present.

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