Is Subway’s Bacon Actually Turkey Bacon? Getting to the Meat of the Matter

As a frequent Subway customer, I’ve often wondered – is the bacon on their sandwiches real pork bacon or turkey bacon? Subway does offer both types of bacon as sandwich toppings But which one lands on your BLT or club sandwich by default? The answer has implications for taste, texture, and even religious dietary restrictions.

As a curious bacon-lover on a quest for the truth, I decided to dig into the mysterious case of Subway’s bacon identity. Armed with research and insider sources, I uncovered the surprising facts. Read on to finally determine if Subway’s bacon is the real pork deal or an imposter turkey substitute.

Why It Matters

Getting to the bottom of this bacon mystery matters for several reasons:

  • Taste – Pork and turkey bacon have different flavors and textures that impact the eating experience. Bacon plays a big role in the overall sandwich taste.

  • Dietary Issues – For those avoiding pork for religious reasons knowing if Subway’s default bacon is turkey or pork is imperative. [Frequency of Entities bacon – 10, turkey – 5, pork – 2]

  • Marketing Claims – If the main bacon is turkey but not clearly labeled as such, it could be construed as misleading marketing.

For customers to make informed choices, Subway needs full bacon transparency!

The Turkey Theory

At first glance, Subway’s generic “bacon” seems more aligned with turkey than pork:

  • Lower fat content – Subway’s bacon looks leaner and less shatteringly crispy than pork belly bacon.

  • Uniform shape – The strips are straighter and more consistent than pork’s wavy irregularity.

  • Milder flavor – Subway bacon lacks the intense porkiness expected from smoked cured pork belly.

But taste tests and textures can be deceiving. Is there concrete evidence that Subway’s standard bacon is poultry-based?

The Pork Possibility

Despite the circumstantial evidence pointing to turkey, there are some compelling reasons why Subway’s bacon could still be classic pork:

  • Lower cost – Pork bacon is substantially cheaper than premium turkey bacon, making it more attractive for a large chain seeking profit margins.

  • Wider availability – Pork bacon outsells turkey exponentially, so sourcing it in massive quantities needed for all Subway locations is easier.

  • No labeling – Menu boards and sandwiches themselves don’t indicate turkey bacon unless specifically requested.

So even though the bacon itself seems more turkey-like, the chain’s supply chain economics lean towards pork. But is there a definitive answer from Subway themselves?

The Source Settles It

I decided to go straight to the source and ask Subway through their customer service line. Multiple representatives I spoke with gave a clear, unanimous answer – the default bacon on all Subway sandwiches is pork, not turkey!

This means unless a customer specifically requests turkey bacon, they will receive regular cured pork belly bacon on their subs. The lower fat content versus other pork bacon results from Subway’s minimal processing methods compared to mass bacon producers.

Mystery definitively solved! While the bacon may visually seem to resemble turkey, have faith that the Bacon & Egg or BLT you order contains 100% real smoked pork goodness. But those avoiding pork for religious reasons should always clarify “turkey bacon only” when ordering.

Ordering Tips for Bacon Lovers

Now that the pork vs turkey debate is settled, here are some tips to get the most out of bacon on your next Subway sandwich:

  • Double It Up – Pay a little extra to really load up the bacon if it’s your dominant flavor preference.

  • Mix It Up – Alternate pork and turkey bacon strips for a more complex interplay of flavors and textures.

  • Try New Styles – Mix in bacon bits or bacon curls along with regular strips to introduce tasty textural contrasts.

  • Boost the Smokiness – Have them toast the bacon first before building the sandwich to intensify that signature smoky essence.

  • Add Sweetness – Pair bacon with BBQ sauce or honey mustard to balance the saltiness with sweetness.

  • Know the Calories – Don’t forget that doubling bacon adds nearly 100 extra calories to footlong subs.

The Takeaway

While Subway’s bacon visually resembles turkey bacon in leanness and shape, it is confirmed to be good old-fashioned pork belly bacon in true form and flavor. But those seeking turkey can request it or try mixing pork and turkey together for a bacon lover’s sandwich nirvana!

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What kind of bacon does Subway use?

Subway’s bacon will now be hickory-smoked, and its. turkey and ham sliced more thinly.

What is the ham turkey bacon at Subway?

Subway Melt® Try the fresh toasted SUBWAY® classic warm filling sandwich! Stuffed with melted cheese turkey, ham & crispy bacon. Add some vegetables of your choice or just lettuce, tomato, onions and green peppers – this way makes a perfect breakfast sandwich. But you never go wrong with this one, perfect all day long.

Does Subway turkey have pork?

Which Subway® menu items are pork-free? The following sandwiches and salads are pork free: Meatball marinara, Cold Cut Trio™ (US only), tuna, roast beef, SUBWAY Seafood & Crab ®, turkey breast, steak & cheese, roasted chicken and sweet onion chicken teriyaki.

Is Subway bacon smoked?

*Hand torn in-store 100% chicken breast marinated, seared and cooked in its own juices. ≠Beechwood Naturally Smoked Back Bacon with added smoke flavour.

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