The Perfect Pair: 7 Delicious Desserts That Go Great with Ham

A savory baked ham is a delicious centerpiece for holiday meals and special occasion dinners. But what sweet treat pairs best with its salty, smoky flavor? The key is finding a dessert that balances and complements the taste of ham.

Here are 7 sensational desserts that go great with ham:

1. Fruit Pies

Nothing says classic like a freshly baked fruit pie served alongside baked ham The sweet fruits are the ideal counterpoint to salty, savory ham Apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, and berry pies are all great options. To complement the ham, look for pies with a buttery, flaky crust and juicy fruit filling. The tartness of the fruit cuts through the richness of the ham while the flaky crust adds another pleasing texture. Slice the pie nice and thick to serve alongside slices of glazed ham.

2. Pecan Pie

Another nostalgic dessert that pairs wonderfully with ham is pecan pie. The gooey filling loaded with toasted pecans, corn syrup, brown sugar, and spices melds perfectly with the smoky ham flavors. And the nutty crunch of the pecans contrasts the tender, juicy meat. For best results, make or order a pecan pie with a crisp, buttery crust and generously filled with pecans throughout. The sweetness balances the savory ham but doesn’t overpower it.

3. Cheesecake

Rich, creamy, and decadent, cheesecake makes a fabulous ending to a ham dinner. Plain cheesecake works well, but consider flavors like chocolate, caramel, pumpkin, or lemon that complement baked ham. The lush, smooth texture is a nice change of pace after the sliced ham. Drizzle the cheesecake with fruit sauces or top with fresh berries for an extra pop of sweetness. Cheesecake is a satisfying dessert that can hold its own alongside strongly flavored ham.

4. Spice Cake

For a more casual, homestyle option, serve a slice of cinnamon or gingerbread spice cake next to the holiday ham. The warm aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves mirror the seasoning blend often used to flavor baked hams. While simple, a moist spice cake still has enough sweet richness to balance the ham’s hearty savoriness. Add a tangy cream cheese frosting or drizzle of caramel sauce to round out the flavors.

5. Coconut Cake

Light pillowy coconut cake pairs perfectly with salty baked ham. The flavor of coconut has a natural sweetness that doesn’t compete too much with smoky savory hams. Look for a coconut cake recipe that uses plenty of coconut milk and shredded coconut in the cake and frosting. The creamy coconut-infused layers complement ham’s texture. For special occasions, present a towering, tiered coconut cake next to a beautifully glazed ham as the showstopping centerpiece.

6. Banana Cake

If you want something simple and satisfying, banana cake is a great choice with baked ham. The soft crumb soaks up the moisture from the ripe bananas, keeping the cake incredibly tender and flavorful. While unfussy, banana cake has enough sweet banana essence balanced by the cake’s texture to hold its own next to boldly flavored ham. Add a scoop of ice cream or dollop of whipped cream to round it out. Banana cake makes a comforting dessert to end a ham dinner.

7. Biscuits

Flaky, savory biscuits hot out of the oven are an unexpected but welcome accompaniment with baked ham. Try Southern-style biscuits stuffed with ham pieces, cheddar cheese, bacon, or sage sausage for a satisfying sweet and salty flavor combo. The biscuits sop up the juices from the ham while adding layers of texture. You can also bake rounds of dough topped with ham slices and cheese or a sprinkle of brown sugar. Enjoy the biscuits on the side or as part of the main meal.

Complementing Ham Flavors

The key to picking desserts for ham dinners is complementing the ham’s savory, salty, smoky profile without overpowering it. Lighter fruit desserts, neutral cakes, or nutty, creamy options tend to work best. Stay away from strongly flavored or very rich desserts that compete too much with the ham.

With choices like fruit pie, cheesecake, spice cake, and warm biscuits, you’re sure create a memorable meal from start to finish. Let these sweet and savory flavors mingle for a perfect ham dinner experience.

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What dessert goes well with ham?

But one of the best parts about ham is that it goes well with so many different flavors. From sweet to savory, there’s a dessert out there that will complement your meal perfectly. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to finish off your next ham dinner, look no further! 1. Carrot Cake Carrot cake reminds me of Easter dinner with my family.

Is honey baked ham as good as regular ham?

The addition of honey will affect the calorie content of the food. One tablespoon of honey contributes to approximately 64 calories. In addition, the use of heat when making baked ham will reduce the quality of the honey.

What to serve with ham?

What To Serve With Ham: Garlic Red Skin Mashed Potatoes (+More!) When you’re menu planning and wondering what to serve with ham for a holiday meal or family dinner, all you have to do is read on and pick your favorites! My complete list of great side dishes for ham also includes starters and dessert to help you round out your dinner! Help Us Out!

What are the best Ham side dishes?

This recipe with a crumbly brown sugar and pecan topping is our #1 favorite ham side dish! Mashed potatoes are a hearty, creamy side dish made with butter and sour cream that you can serve with gravy or customize with flavors like these cheddar cheese and chive mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole is another holiday staple in our home.

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