Grilling Bacon to Perfection: A Complete Guide to Cooking Bacon on the Grill Using Foil

As any bacon lover knows, there’s nothing quite like the smoky, rich flavor of grilled bacon. While frying bacon in a pan is the standard method, taking it outdoors and cooking it on the grill can take things to the next level. The hot, dry heat of the grill results in incredibly crisp, mouthwatering bacon full of delicious charred bits.

Cooking bacon on a BBQ grill is super easy too when you use foil. The foil contains the fat drippings and prevents flare ups while still allowing that irresistible smoky flavor to infuse into the meat. Follow this complete guide to learn how to grill bacon to perfection every time using simple aluminum foil.

Benefits of Grilling Bacon on Foil

Grilling bacon directly on the grill grates works fine. but using foil provides some major advantages

  • Contains grease drippings to minimize mess and prevent flare ups
  • Allows bacon to cook evenly without sticking or burning
  • Simplifies cleanup since foil can be tossed after cooking
  • Creates a flat surface for uniform cooking
  • No need to scrub down grill grates afterward
  • Can customize foil packets to desired bacon amount

For these reasons, cooking on foil is hands down the easiest route to grilled bacon success.

Selecting the Best Foil for Grilling Bacon

You probably already have a box of aluminum foil in your kitchen but not just any foil is ideal for grilling bacon. Here are some tips

  • Opt for heavy duty or extra thick foil that is more durable and resistant to tearing This keeps grease contained

  • Use a large enough sheet that you can make walls on the edges to further catch drippings.

  • Make a double layer of foil for extra strength if concerned about tearing.

  • Dull or shiny side can touch food, no difference in performance.

  • Do not cover entire grill surface to allow airflow and prevent potential hazards.

Step-by-Step Guide to Grilling Bacon on Foil Packets

Follow this simple process for smoking hot, crispy bacon cooked on the grill:

1. Prepare Foil Packets

Cut sheets of heavy duty foil a bit larger than needed for bacon amount. Make foil walls at least 1⁄2 inch high around the perimeter to catch drippings. For extra strength, use two sheets layered.

2. Arrange Bacon on Foil

Place bacon strips directly on foil, making sure not to overlap any pieces. This allows even cooking.

3. Grill the Bacon Packets

Put foil packet(s) directly on preheated grill grates. Close lid and grill for 8-12 minutes over medium heat, flipping halfway.

4. Check for Doneness

Cooking times vary based on grill temp, thickness of bacon and desired crispness. Check frequently until bacon reaches perfect level of doneness.

5. Remove and Crisp

When done, remove foil packet from grill. For extra crispness, open foil and place bacon directly on grill briefly.

6. Allow to Cool and Enjoy!

Let bacon cool for a few minutes before eating to avoid burning your mouth!

And that’s all it takes to cook mouthwatering, smoky bacon on the grill with minimal fuss. Customize the method to your liking.

Helpful Tips and Suggestions

  • Use tongs or spatula to flip bacon to avoid foil tears.
  • Cut bacon slices in half if needed to fit on your grill’s surface area.
  • Mix flavors by adding wood chips, herbs or spices to the foil.
  • Make a foil tray instead of packet for easier access to bacon.
  • Opt for center cut or thick sliced bacon so it holds up better on the grill.
  • Play around with grilling temps to get desired texture – lower for chewier, higher for crunchier.
  • Never leave grill unattended when cooking bacon grease – risk of flare ups.
  • Allow foil packet to fully cool before disposing to avoid fires.
  • Grill lots of bacon at once for meal-prep or parties.
  • Add baked potatoes, vegetables, etc. directly to grill in foil as well.
  • Serve grilled bacon on burgers, in breakfast tacos, on salads, or eat as-is!

Grilling bacon on foil packets helps contain the mess and allows that bacon flavor to shine. Now that you know the simple process, give it a try!

Here are some more tips on cooking bacon on the grill:

Grilling Bacon Directly on Grates

While foil is the less messy option, you can cook bacon directly on hot grill grates for maximum smoke infusion. Use a pair of tongs to flip the bacon and avoid constant poking that causes sticking and tearing. This method requires vigilantly watching for flare ups and scraping the grates clean after cooking.

Grilling Bacon in a Cast Iron Skillet

Another alternative is to grill bacon in a cast iron skillet. Place the skillet directly on grill grates, then cook bacon in it as you would on the stove. The preheated skillet helps reduce sticking. Easy cleanup too!

Double Grilling For Max Flavor

For ultra smoky bacon, try double grilling. First parboil the bacon briefly on the stove until beginning to firm but not fully cooked. Then move it to the hot grill to finish off until browned and crisp.

Choosing a Grill for Bacon

While you can use either a charcoal or gas grill, charcoal adds more authentic smoke flavor. Opt for a relatively low temp of medium to medium low. Hardwood lump charcoal burns the steadiest. Add aromatic wood chips to the charcoal for even more smoke.

How To Cook Bacon On A Grill


Can you cook bacon on the grill in foil?

Both foil and a pan allow the smoky grill flavors to infuse into the meat without the grease dripping onto the flames. Whichever you decide to use, put the bacon on the hot grill for about 10-20 minutes, depending on your desired doneness. Flip as needed.

What is the best way to cook bacon on the grill?

Cook bacon indirectly, avoiding putting it directly over the fire. After an hour at 250-375°F, take it off the grill. Next, slice the slab bacon into 1/2 inch thick slices and cook it quickly again directly over the coals or fire to crisp it. Be careful and always use proper safety techniques and equipment.

Is it safe to cook with aluminum foil on the grill?

Cooking with aluminum foil has been shown to create numerous tiny cracks and flakes in the surface of the aluminum foil, as demonstrated with electron microscopy. Moreover, chemical leaching of aluminum into food occurs with greater ease when food contains acidic properties such as lemon juice or spices.

Is it OK to cook bacon on aluminum foil?

Cooking bacon in the oven gives you perfectly crispy slices without any flipping or fussing, and the cleanup is superspeedy. It’s also the best way to make bacon for a crowd. You can cook the bacon directly on aluminum foil-lined baking sheets or on a wire rack set on top of the baking sheets.

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