What Fruit Goes Well with Beef? 10 Amazing Fruit and Beef Pairings

Beef is a versatile protein that can be paired with a variety of fruits to create delicious and unexpected flavor combinations. While fruit and beef may seem like an unlikely match, the sweetness of fruit complements and balances the hearty, savory flavors of beef The key is choosing fruits that can stand up to beef’s bold taste

When searching for the perfect fruit to pair with beef, there are a few things to consider:

  • Acidity level – Fruits like citrus, pineapple tomatoes and stone fruits like plums and peaches work well because their tartness cuts through beef’s richness. Sweeter fruits can become overwhelmed.

  • Juiciness – Juicy fruits like oranges, peaches and berries add moisture and brightness. Drier fruits won’t provide enough contrast.

  • Sweetness – The fruit should balance the savoriness of beef, not overpower it. Tropical fruits and stone fruits strike the right balance.

  • Preparation – Grilling, roasting or sauteing fruits like peaches, pineapple and tomatoes concentrates their flavors which allows them to hold their own against beef.

With these tips in mind, here are 10 amazing fruit and beef pairings:

1. Beef and Strawberries

Sweet, juicy strawberries may seem delicate but their tartness and touch of sweetness makes them an elegant pairing for rich meats like beef. Try strawberries in a spinach salad with steak or as a sauce for grilled beef kabobs. The contrast of flavors and colors is excellent.

2. Beef and Blueberries

Bursting with juicy sweet-tart flavor, blueberries work beautifully with beef’s hearty profile. Try a blueberry barbecue sauce on grilled steak or burgers, or a blueberry-balsamic reduction drizzled over beef tenderloin. The possibilities are endless!

3. Beef and Raspberries

Like strawberries and blueberries, raspberries add fruity tartness and vivid color to beef dishes. Blend raspberries into a chutney or glaze for steaks, meatballs or meatloaf. Or toss beef and raspberries together in a flavorful salad.

4. Beef and Blackberries

Earthy, jammy blackberries can handle their own against beef’s bold flavor. Use them to make a savory sauce for steaks or roast, or add to a spinach salad with sliced steak. You can also stuff blackberries into burgers for sweet bursts of juicy flavor.

5. Beef and Cherries

Both sweet and tart cherries pair beautifully with beef. Try a cherry-chipotle barbeque sauce on tri-tip or brisket, or cherry chimichurri on grilled steak. Roasted sweet cherries lend a pop of sweet-tart flavor to burgers too.

6. Beef and Plums

Plums contain the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors to complement beef. They work wonders in chutney or plum sauce paired with meatballs, steak or prime rib. Grilled plums are also delicious in steak salad.

7. Beef and Peaches

Juicy, sweet peaches hold their own against the hearty flavors of beef. Grilled peaches are amazing paired with skirt or flank steak. Or add fresh peach salsa to burgers or tacos for a burst of summer flavor. Peaches pair well with beef’s richness.

8. Beef and Pineapple

Pineapple may be the most classic beef and fruit combo. The tropical fruit’s sweet and tart juice cuts through beef’s fattiness. Grill pineapple rings alongside steak, meatballs or kabobs. Pineapple also shines in sweet and spicy glazes or salsas atop beef.

9. Beef and Mango

Mango’s tropical sweetness and touch of acidity balances beef’s heartiness deliciously. Pair mango salsa with steak tacos or fajitas, or add mango chutney to burgers. Mangoes also taste fantastic grilled alongside steak or kebabs.

10. Beef and Tomatoes

Though commonly thought of as a vegetable, tomatoes are actually a fruit! Their juicy acidity offsets beef’s richness. Use sliced tomatoes on burgers, steak sandwiches or in salad with beef. Or make a fresh tomato salsa to top grilled steak or tacos.

The sweet flavors and acidity of fruit temper beef’s hearty richness and fat content. When using the right fruits, the combinations can be mouthwatering. Grilling or roasting fruits like pineapple, peaches, plums and tomatoes concentrates their sweet and tart taste so they can stand up to beef.

Fruity salsas, chutneys, barbecue sauces and glazes are all fantastic ways to unite beef and fruit. Salads also allow the flavors to mingle beautifully. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with new fruits and beef pairings this summer for delicious results!

Beef + fruit = thrive


What fruit goes well with beef steak?

While often thought to be a citrus fruit, mango is a tropical fruit with a sweet, tangy flavor that can complement a good steak. Other fruits are not as sweet or tart but enhance a steak dinner, as well. Zucchinis are a classic pairing with steaks since they have a light flavor and a delicate consistency.

Can you mix fruit with meat?

But to say that you aren’t digesting properly by eating both meat and fruit together is simply untrue. Your meat will be digested first in the stomach and then in the small intestine. Some of your fruit will be digested in the small intestine, with the rest of it not needing any digestion at all.

Which fruit goes with meat?

According to this principle, cured meats such as mortadella, salami, and cooked ham go well with apples, peaches, exotic fruits, citrus fruits, pineapple, pears, and kiwi. While cured meats such as prosciutto, bresaola, and speck can be paired with figs, apples, apricots, watermelon, melon, strawberries, and berries.

What flavors go well with beef?

Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, and Bay leaves are the best dried herbs to use when cooking beef. To use dried herbs with beef, you should consider which ones you want to include in your recipe and when you should add them.

What fruit goes well with beef?

Beef has a strong taste that pairs well with sweeter stronger fruit such as peaches, pineapple, kiwi fruit, plums, prunes, apricots and mangoes. Citrus and the more acidic fruits are less suitable. Try these recipe ideas to explore how you can combine fruits with meats for delightful dishes.

What are some great fruits to eat?

All fruits are very healthy, and each has a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds. Choosing the best one will depend on which region you live in and the time of year, as seasonal and fresh fruits are always the best option. Some of the great options we have in Brazil are: banana, apple, mango, grape, strawberry, guava, jabuticaba, cashew, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, tangerine, pear, peach, melon and watermelon.

What fruit goes well with steak?

Rib ‘n Reef Steakhouse also recommends pairing steak with mango for its “sweet, tangy flavor,” and if you prefer tropical fruit over citrus, pineapple is another option. My Chicago Steak vouches for pineapple as one of the best fruits to grill and says you can combine multiple grilled fruits into a fruit salad to accompany your steak.

What is the best fruit & meat combination?

Best Fruit – Meat Combinations! Mango chicken is one of the more common examples of fruit and meat, and this particular recipe comes from lecremedelacrumb.com. The rest of the dish is fairly spicy, so the mango acts as a sweet contract.

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