What Is Platter Style Bacon? Your Complete Guide to This Unique Form of Bacon

If you’re a bacon lover, you’ve likely seen platter style bacon popping up on restaurant menus and in specialty grocery stores. But what exactly is platter style bacon? And how does it differ from regular sliced bacon?

In this complete guide we’ll explain everything you need to know about this increasingly popular form of bacon. We’ll cover how it’s made, the benefits of platter style, creative ways to cook and serve it and where you can buy it.

So sizzle up some bacon and let’s get started!

What Is Platter Style Bacon?

Platter style bacon is a whole slab of uncured pork belly that can be sliced to your desired thickness. It’s unlike traditional bacon that comes pre-sliced into thin strips. With platter style bacon you control the thickness.

It’s sometimes called slab bacon or thick-cut bacon. But the main distinction is that it’s served in a solid piece rather than pre-sliced strips.

This allows for more versatility when cooking. You can cut thick hearty slices for breakfast or sandwiches. Or thinly slice it for topping salads or hors d’oeuvres.

The flavor also tends to be more robust. Platter style bacon is typically smoked and cured before being sold. This enhances that signature bacon taste we all crave.

How Platter Style Bacon Is Made

The process of making platter style bacon is surprisingly simple:

  • First, high-quality pork belly is selected. This comes from the underside of a pig.

  • Next, the pork belly is cured in a mixture of salt, spices, sugar, and sometimes liquid smoke. This curing process locks in moisture and flavor.

  • After curing comes smoking. The bacon slab is smoked for hours over a low heat using woods like hickory or apple. This imparts that iconic smoky bacon essence.

  • Finally, the bacon is cooled, packaged, and sold in slab form. No slicing required until you’re ready to cook!

The curing time can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the desired texture and taste. And smoking typically takes 3-12 hours.

It’s then ready to be transformed into breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime snacks!

Why Platter Style Bacon Is Superior

Platter style bacon has some clear advantages over regular sliced bacon:

More Control Over Thickness

With pre-packaged bacon strips, you’re limited to one uniform thinness. But with a bacon slab, you can cut slices to your exact thickness preferences.

Whether you like wafer thin and crispy or thick and hearty, it’s up to you. This versatility makes platter style bacon great for everything from sandwiches to garnish.

Intensified Smoky Flavor

The smoking process is more pronounced in platter style bacon. This gives it a deeper, smokier taste than what you get from typical grocery store bacon.

If you’re a bacon fanatic, you’ll definitely appreciate the robust flavor that platter style offers. It takes bacon from an addition to the main event.

Less Mess and Splatter

Frying bacon strips can get messy, with grease popping everywhere. But cooking a full plank allows the fat to render more evenly with less splatter.

Platter style bacon just seems more civilized. You’ll end up with less cleanup and crispier, more evenly cooked results.

Perfect for Sharing

A whole bacon slab looks beautiful when served for multiple people. It adds flair to breakfasts, brunches, appetizer spreads, and charcuterie boards.

No need to fuss with lining up individual strips. Just set the platter down and let people slice off pieces family style.

Potentially Healthier

While not exactly a health food, platter style bacon can be a slightly better choice than regular bacon. Since you control thickness, you can cut thinner slices and reduce fat intake.

Moderation is still key. But the ability to customize portion sizes makes platter bacon a bit less sinful.

Creative Ways to Cook Platter Style Bacon

From breakfast tacos to bacon-wrapped filet mignon, platter style bacon takes any dish up a notch. Here are some mouthwatering ideas:

Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

Take the classic pigs in a blanket up a level by wrapping sausage links with platter bacon before baking. The combo of smoky bacon and savory sausage is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Bacon and Eggs Cups

For easy make-ahead breakfasts, line muffin tins with bacon slices, crack an egg into each cup, and bake. Customize with cheese, veggies, seasonings and enjoy!

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Platter bacon beautifully wraps succulent sea scallops for a rich appetizer. The crisp, salty bacon complements the sweet tender scallops flawlessly.

Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

Drive your meatloaf over the top by wrapping it in a bacon blanket before baking. This adds insane flavor and keeps the

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Is platter bacon cured?

Cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite. Storage: Refrigerate fresh product at 280F. to 320F.

What is really thick bacon called?

Thick-cut Bacon Kendyll Hillegas. Just like standard bacon, only thicker. Use this cut when you want to slice bacon into matchsticks (known as lardons). Cook until crisp for chewy bites that add flavor to salads, soups, and baked potatoes. Try it in: Stovetop Bacon Lasagna.

What’s the difference between bacon and slab bacon?

It’s possible you’ve never seen slab bacon in your typical grocery store, but visit your local butcher and you’ll be able to pick some up. Slab bacon is essentially what you have before your typical streaky bacon is cut into strips. It’s the cured and smoked side of pork (pork belly) in its otherwise natural state.

What type of bacon do restaurants use?

Restaurants often use a thinner cut Restaurants can use a variety of bacon cuts, depending on the meal you’ve ordered. However, they have access to one type of cut that’s much harder to find in your local store. “Restaurant bacon” is sliced far thinner than most other types, usually coming in at a 1/32-inch thickness.

What does American bacon taste like?

Characteristics: American-style bacon is fatty, and it creates a lot of grease when it’s cooked. Part of the Pig: American-style bacon comes from the belly and sides of the pig, which have high fat contents. Flavor Profile: Due to the high fat content, this type of bacon crisps up well, resulting in a crunchy texture and a salty and smoky flavor.

What is collar bacon?

Collar bacon Collar bacon isn’t as easy to come by nowadays, although it was once a staple for many families. It comes from the shoulder cut of pork, which gives it a darker color and stronger flavor. While shoulder meat is leaner than the belly, it does still have some marbling running through it for moisture and flavor.

What does slab bacon taste like?

Characteristics: Rather than sliced into individual pieces, this type of bacon comes in a smoked slab with a large rind. Part of the Pig: Slab bacon comes from the belly and sides of the pig, which is the same area as American-style. Flavor Profile: Slab bacon is hot smoked, so it has a heavy smoky flavor.

What is buckboard Bacon?

Buckboard bacon is pork shoulder, boned, trimmed, cured, and smoked. It is much leaner than side bacon or belly. The meat to fat ratio is about 3:1 or more. If you want to make it, use my Canadian Bacon recipe. Candied bacon (above) can be made from American bacon. This is brown sugar bacon. At the top of the page are maple bacon and toffee bacon.

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