What is Tom Hanks’ Bacon Number? Uncovering the Fascinating Web of Hollywood Connections

Have you ever wondered just how connected some of your favorite Hollywood actors really are? Well thanks to an intriguing concept called a “Bacon number”, you can easily find out!

In this article, we’ll explore the unique idea behind Bacon numbers, how they work and specifically take a look at the Bacon number of legendary actor Tom Hanks. Get ready to be amazed by the intricate web of co-stars and collaborations linking many of the biggest names in showbiz.

A Brief History of the Bacon Number

The concept of the Bacon number has its origins in a fun parlor game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, invented back in 1994. The game was based on the idea that, due to Kevin Bacon’s prolific acting career, anyone in Hollywood could be connected to him in six steps or less.

This eventually evolved into the notion of a Bacon number – a numeric rating that indicates an actor’s degree of separation from Kevin Bacon himself. It was popularised in the late 90s and early 2000s through TV shows, websites and general pop culture buzz.

These days, thanks to Google and immense databases of movie info, you can find any actor’s Bacon number in seconds. But how exactly does it work?

Understanding the Bacon Number Formula

It’s actually pretty simple. Here is a quick rundown of how an actor’s Bacon number is calculated:

  • Kevin Bacon himself has a Bacon number of 0.

  • Any actor who has been in a movie with Kevin Bacon has a Bacon number of 1.

  • If an actor has not worked directly with Kevin Bacon, but has worked with another actor who has, then they have a Bacon number of 2.

  • As the degrees of separation increase, so does the Bacon number – it reflects how closely an actor is linked to Kevin Bacon through their career associations and co-stars.

So in essence, a low Bacon number means an actor is closely tied to Kevin Bacon via their acting relationships. A high number means they are further removed.

Determining Tom Hanks’ Place in the Hollywood Web

Now let’s focus on the man of the hour – the legendary, two-time Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks. What is Tom Hanks’ Bacon number?

It turns out Hanks has a very low Bacon number of just 1. This signifies he has worked directly with Kevin Bacon himself at some point in his illustrious movie career. But where exactly did their paths cross?

The film in question is 1995’s acclaimed historical drama Apollo 13. Both Hanks and Bacon featured prominently in the movie, which told the tale of the disastrous 1970 Apollo 13 moon mission. This single co-starring role was enough to give Hanks a Bacon number of 1.

You might also be wondering – has Tom Hanks worked with any other actors who have low Bacon numbers themselves? The answer is yes – take Tom’s Cloud Atlas co-star Halle Berry, who has a Bacon number of 2. So through both Kevin Bacon and Halle Berry, Tom Hanks sits right near the center of the Hollywood web.

Just How Connected is Tom Hanks?

Thanks to a Bacon number of 1, we can say Tom Hanks is very well connected in Hollywood. Here are some quick facts about his stellar acting career that illustrate this:

  • Hanks has starred in over 70 movies since 1980, working with hundreds of famous faces.

  • His films have grossed over $10 billion worldwide.

  • He has worked multiple times with hugely influential directors like Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.

  • Many co-stars have described Hanks as one of the most collaborative, likable actors around.

  • He has co-starred with actors including Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meg Ryan, and Sandra Bullock.

So while Hanks is undoubtedly talented in his own right, his Bacon number shows he is also linked via collaboration to many of the biggest names in the movie business.

Who Else Has a Bacon Number of 1?

Tom Hanks isn’t the only star with a low Bacon number of 1. Here are a few other notable actors who have worked directly with Kevin Bacon over the years:

  • Meryl Streep (The River Wild)

  • Robert De Niro (Sleepers)

  • Brad Pitt (Sleepers)

  • Kevin Costner (JFK)

  • Jennifer Aniston (Picture Perfect)

  • Cuba Gooding Jr. (A Few Good Men)

As you can see, many legendary actors belong to the elite Bacon 1 club, by virtue of having shared scenes with Kevin Bacon at some point.

So next time you’re looking up an actor online, don’t forget to check out their Bacon number. You’ll be surprised how revealing it is about their place in the fabric of Hollywood!

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What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Bacon number?

We typed in an actor’s name (Leonardo DiCaprio). Within seconds, the computer gave us a Bacon number of 2: DiCaprio was in “Celebrity” with Marian Seldes. Seldes was in “Digging to China” with Bacon. (You also can play the same game with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elvis.)

What is Johnny Depp’s Bacon number?

For instance, if you google “Bacon number Johnny Depp” you’ll be told that “Johnny Depp’s Bacon number is 2.” That’s because Depp and Helena Bonham Carter appeared in Dark Shadows. And Carter appeared with Bacon in Novocaine.

What is Chris Hemsworth’s Bacon number?

Chris Hemsworth — Bacon Number: 5 Before he was Spider-Man, Holland starred in period drama Wolf Hall with Billions star Damian Lewis.

What is your Bacon number?

The Bacon number of an actor or actress is the number of degrees of separation (see Six degrees of separation) they have from actor Kevin Bacon, as defined by the game known as Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It applies the Erdős number concept to the movie industry.

What is Kevin Bacon’s Bacon number?

The higher the Bacon number, the farther away from Kevin Bacon the actor is. For example, Kevin Bacon’s Bacon number is 0. If an actor works in a movie with Kevin Bacon, the actor’s Bacon number is 1. If an actor works with an actor who worked with Kevin Bacon in a movie, the first actor’s Bacon number is 2, and so forth.

What is a Bacon number?

The Bacon number is a measure of an actor’s or actress’s distance from Kevin Bacon in terms of movie roles. It is calculated by finding the shortest path between the actor or actress and Kevin Bacon using co-starring roles in movies as links. An actor who has worked with Kevin Bacon in a movie has a Bacon number of 1.

What is an actor’s Bacon number?

An actor’s Bacon number is determined by how many degrees of separation they are from Kevin Bacon. If an actor has worked with Kevin Bacon in a movie, their Bacon number is 1. If they’ve worked with someone who has worked with Kevin Bacon in a movie, their Bacon number is 2, and so on.

How do I Find my Kevin Bacon number?

Alternatively, you can use Google’s Bacon number feature by typing “Bacon number” followed by your name into the search bar. Google will then provide you with your Bacon number and the path that connects you to Kevin Bacon.

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