where does oscar mayer bacon come from

Where Does Oscar Mayer Bacon Come From? Tracing the Origins of This Iconic Brand

Crispy, smoky salty bacon is one of life’s simple pleasures. And when it comes to bacon Oscar Mayer is one of the most iconic and beloved brands. But where exactly does Oscar Mayer bacon come from?

In this article, we’ll explore the history and production of Oscar Mayer bacon. We’ll uncover how this popular breakfast meat goes from pig to package.

The History of Oscar Mayer Bacon

Oscar Mayer was founded in 1883 by a German immigrant named Oscar F. Mayer. He opened a small butcher shop in Chicago, where he sold high-quality meats like sausages, bacon, and ham.

In 1924, Oscar Mayer made history by becoming the first company to sell pre-sliced, pre-packaged bacon. Before this, shoppers had to ask butchers at meat markets to slice bacon for them. Mayer’s innovation made bacon more convenient and accessible.

Over the decades, Oscar Mayer continued expanding its bacon production. By 1973, the company promoted clear packaging so customers could view the quality of the meat before purchasing.

Oscar Mayer also pioneered new flavors and varieties like lower sodium bacon, hardwood smoked bacon, turkey bacon and pre-cooked bacon. They cemented their status as a leading bacon brand in America.

Where Oscar Mayer Bacon Comes From Today

Now owned by Kraft Heinz, Oscar Mayer still produces bacon at its main facility in Coshocton, Ohio. This plant handles about two-thirds of the 10 varieties of Oscar Mayer bacon.

In 2015, Kraft invested $43 million to double the size of the Coshocton plant. This expansion added 300 jobs and new production lines to meet rising demand for bacon.

The facility in Coshocton sources pork bellies from Midwest hog farms. These pork bellies are prepared using Oscar Mayer’s traditional process:

  • Trimming and inspecting the bellies
  • Curing with salt, sugar and spices
  • Washing and then smoking for up to 12 hours
  • Cooling and slicing to desired thickness
  • Packaging for shipment to stores

Oscar Mayer’s natural hardwood smoking and curing process gives their bacon its signature sweet, smoky flavor. The bacon contains no artificial flavors or colors.

From Pig to Package: How Oscar Mayer Bacon is Made

The journey from pig to package begins on American hog farms. Pigs are raised until they reach ideal size for harvesting. Then they are processed under USDA inspection at pork packing plants.

The pork bellies are shipped to Oscar Mayer’s facility in Coshocton, Ohio. Skilled butchers meticulously trim each belly by hand, removing any imperfections.

Next is the curing process. Oscar Mayer uses a proprietary blend of salt, sugar, spices and other natural flavors to cure the pork bellies. This curing mixture penetrates deep into the meat to preserve it and add characteristic taste.

After curing for several days, the pork bellies are thoroughly rinsed. They are then ready for the signature smoking step. Using natural hardwood chips, Oscar Mayer smokes the bellies for up to 12 hours to achieve ideal flavor and color.

Once smoked, the pork bellies are cooled down and sliced according to customer preferences – regular cut, thick cut, extra thick cut. The sliced bacon then travels down production lines where it is packaged both for individual consumers and food service operators.

From start to finish, Oscar Mayer’s time-honored process results in bacon with authentic smoky flavor and tender texture. Careful attention to detail at every step ensures deliciousness in every bite.

The Impact on Coshocton, Ohio

Oscar Mayer’s Coshocton plant is crucial for the local economy. When Kraft expanded the facility in 2015, it brought 300 desperately needed manufacturing jobs to the small town.

The investment of $43 million in construction and equipment also boosted Coshocton. Regional economic groups offered tax incentives to entice Oscar Mayer to grow their factory there rather than elsewhere.

Oscar Mayer remains committed to Coshocton. Their skilled workforce and specialized equipment make it an ideal bacon production hub. The Coshocton plant will continue supplying America with sizzling Oscar Mayer bacon for years to come.

An Iconic Brand with Timeless Appeal

From a German immigrant’s butcher shop in 1883 to a sprawling Coshocton plant today, Oscar Mayer is now one of the largest food brands in America. Their bacon is beloved for its authentically wood smoked flavor and meaty texture.

Of course, it takes high standards and care to maintain such an iconic product. From farm inspections to final quality checks, Oscar Mayer delivers exceptional bacon by vigilantly monitoring each step.

With its family-owned history and focus on quality, it’s no wonder Oscar Mayer is the go-to bacon brand for millions of consumers. The next time you enjoy a tasty BLT sandwich or bacon cheeseburger, you can thank the hardworking folks in Coshocton, Ohio!

Oscar Mayer Bacon Commercial (1977)


Who produces Oscar Mayer bacon?

Oscar Mayer – Products | Kraft Heinz.

Does China own Oscar Mayer?

The Oscar Mayer Company is an American meat and cold cut production company, owned by the American food company Kraft Heinz. It is known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon, ham and Lunchables products.

Is Oscar Mayer beef bacon?

Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Thick Cut Bacon comes ready-to-eat for easy preparation and a rich, smoky flavor you can enjoy. Smoked with natural hardwoods for a great taste, this 100% real pork bacon comes from carefully selected cuts from pork raised without hormones to ensure a premium quality texture and flavor.

When did Kraft buy Oscar Mayer?

in 1988, the two food subsidiaries were combined to form Kraft General Foods, Inc. in 1989. Oscar F. Mayer was a Bavarian immigrant who started his career in 1873 at the age of 14 as a “butcher’s boy” in a Detroit meat market.

Does Oscar Mayer make bacon crispy?

(That’s right, the pig gets no credit.) Oscar Mayer uses a fairly standard set of ingredients for industrial-cured bacon: water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium ascorbate, and sodium nitrite. The verdict: We want crispy. We want crunchy. We do not want bacon that shatters into bits on the first bite, as Oscar Mayer’s did.

Where are Oscar Mayer sliced meats sold?

The company’s sliced meats and other products are sold across North America and in parts of South America and Asia. Oscar Mayer’s product line includes a wide range of popular meats, including hot dogs, bacon, and prepackaged lunch combinations.

Was Oscar Mayer a real person?

Like Duncan Hines, Oscar Mayer was a real person. He was born in Bavaria in 1859, and emigrated to the US when he was 14. After apprenticing with a butcher and spending another six years working in a meatpacking plant, he had saved enough money to lease the Kolling Meat Market in Chicago.

Is Bacon still a staple?

But even if it’s not in the spotlight, bacon has staying power because, at the end of the day, it just plain tastes good. Over a decade later, it’s still living large on menus across the country —and it’s still a staple in our kitchens at home.

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