Where to Buy Taylor Pork Roll Near Me: A Complete Guide

Taylor pork roll, also known as Taylor ham, is a processed meat product with a unique salty, smoky flavor that is beloved by many people originally from New Jersey. While this delicious breakfast meat can be hard to find outside of New Jersey, I’m going to walk you through all the places you can buy Taylor pork roll no matter where you live

As someone who grew up eating Taylor pork roll in New Jersey but has since moved away, I know the cravings can hit hard. That’s why I’ve done extensive research on where you can purchase it across the country. Whether you need to stock up for a big Jersey breakfast or just want to get a taste of home, read on to find out where to buy Taylor pork roll near you.

Buying Taylor Pork Roll In Person

If you live in or near New Jersey, you’re in luck – Taylor pork roll is available at many grocery stores and delis across the state. Popular chains like ShopRite, Wegmans, and Stop & Shop reliably carry it in their packaged meat sections. Smaller independent grocers and butcher shops also tend to sell Taylor pork roll.

Outside of New Jersey, your selection is more limited but it is possible to find Taylor pork roll in stores depending on where you live Here are some of the national and regional grocery store chains that sometimes carry it

  • Kroger – Select Kroger locations in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and South stock Taylor pork roll. Check the deli counter or packaged meat aisle.

  • Publix – Some Publix stores in Florida and Georgia sell Taylor pork roll. Availability varies by location.

  • Harris Teeter – A handful of Harris Teeter outposts, primarily in the mid-Atlantic, offer Taylor pork roll. Call ahead to check.

  • Piggly Wiggly – Certain Piggly Wiggly franchises in the Southeast have Taylor pork roll available either pre-packaged or sliced fresh at the deli.

You may also be able to special order Taylor pork roll through your local butcher shop or meat counter even if they don’t normally carry it. It never hurts to ask!

Ordering Taylor Pork Roll Online

If you strike out finding Taylor pork roll in stores near you, don’t worry – the internet has got you covered. There are several reputable online shops that ship Taylor ham and pork roll nationwide. Here are some of the top places to buy it online:


This specialty shop based in New Jersey is entirely dedicated to Taylor pork roll and ships all over the US. They offer Taylor pork roll in a variety of sizes, from single slices up to 6-pound rolls. Their selection includes original as well as limited edition flavors like Hot and Spicy.

JerseyPorkRoll.com also sells other hard-to-find Jersey foods like salt water taffy and Habbersett scrapple. Their shipping is fast and affordable, and they package the pork roll with dry ice to keep it frozen.


Surprisingly, Walmart has Taylor pork roll available for online grocery delivery or pickup at some locations. They carry the popular thin-sliced packs as well as full rolls. Availability varies by ZIP code, so be sure to enter yours to see if your local Walmart has it in stock.


Amazon sells both pre-packaged Taylor pork roll slices as well as whole rolls that they will ship frozen. There are multiple vendors to choose from, so prices and shipping times can vary. Pro tip: Sort by Prime-eligible for faster delivery.


This site specializes in shipping food from famous regional restaurants and food-makers around the country. They offer select cuts of Taylor pork roll (including scrapple!) wrapped in insulated packaging and shipped with ice packs to arrive cold. It’s on the pricy side, but makes a great gift.

Local Butcher Shops and Specialty Markets

Many small local butcher shops and high-end grocery stores will ship food items like Taylor pork roll nationwide. The selections are smaller than dedicated online shops but the product is high-quality. Check to see if any shops in the New Jersey area offer overnight shipping.

Direct from the Taylor Pork Roll Company

You can order Taylor brand pork roll by the case directly from the Taylor Provisions company website. This is ideal for large orders, big events, or if you want to stock up for a Jersey breakfast meal prep! Cases start at 12 pounds.

Tips for Cooking and Storing Taylor Pork Roll

Once you’ve secured your stash of Taylor pork roll, you’ll want to take steps to keep it fresh so you can enjoy the signature flavor. Here are some quick tips:

  • Keep refrigerated until ready to use, or store in the freezer if buying in bulk. Taylor pork roll lasts 2-3 weeks refrigerated or up to 6 months frozen.

  • Thaw frozen pork roll overnight in the fridge before cooking. Don’t microwave, as this can make the texture rubbery.

  • Cook low and slow in a skillet over medium heat until browned and warmed through, about 5 minutes per side. Avoid overcooking.

  • Slice pork roll thin or thick depending on your desired texture. Thin slices get extra crispy.

  • Build the perfect Jersey breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese and Taylor pork roll on a hard roll!

Now that you know where to buy Taylor pork roll both near and far, you can finally satisfy those pork roll cravings no matter where you live. Whether ordering online or scouting local stores, use this guide to track down Taylor ham or pork roll anywhere in the country. Get ready to enjoy the signature salty, smoky, savory flavors you just can’t find anywhere else.

Why Pork Roll (Or Taylor Ham) Rules New Jersey || Food/Groups


What is the other name for Taylor Pork Roll?

It was developed in 1856 by John Taylor of Trenton, and sold as “Taylor’s Prepared Ham” until 1906. Though since then food labeling regulations require Taylor and all other manufacturers to label it “pork roll”, people in northern New Jersey still refer to it as “Taylor ham”.

Is Trenton pork roll the same as Taylor Pork Roll?

Taylor ham is the common name for pork roll, a food developed by John Taylor of Trenton, New Jersey, late in the 19th century. Taylor is the brand name for pork roll made by Taylor Provisions, Inc., of Trenton. Taylor also manufactures pork roll under the Trenton brand.

Is Taylor Pork Roll the same as spam?

Manufacturers like Taylor and Case are famously tight-lipped about specifics, given the competitive retail market, but the basics are this: Pork roll is a cured, smoked and pre-cooked porcine product with a smooth, even consistency, not dissimilar to bologna, mortadella, or even Spam.

Can you get Taylor Ham outside of NJ?

As a result, the people in south Jersey insisted on calling this product Pork Roll. Folks in North Jersey didn’t get the memo, and continue to call it Taylor ham. Outside of New Jersey, people do not have a word for this product because it’s impossible to buy.

Where to buy pork rolls?

The best place to buy pork rolls is from grocery stores. They have various brands that you can choose from and the price ranges between $3-$5, so it’s a perfect purchase for breakfast or lunch on the go! 3. Local butchers Where to buy pork rolls? It is a delicious breakfast that’s popular in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Where are Taylor pork rolls made?

A four-slice box of pork roll produced by Taylor Provisions Taylor Provisions is a leading producer of pork roll, based in Trenton, New Jersey. Its founder, John Taylor is credited as the inventor of the pork roll, originally calling it “Taylor’s Prepared Ham”.

How much does a Taylor Pork Roll cost?

Taylor Pork Roll Nutritional Information One – 3 lb Roll of Original Taylor Ham®, professionally packaged and shipped starting at $14.90 This product is formally known as “John Taylor’s Original Taylor Pork Roll,” but many of us in Jersey call it simply, “Taylor Ham.” Pork Roll has been manufactured since 1856.

Is Taylor a pork roll?

While “Taylor” is a brand of pork roll, in regions of North Jersey all brands of pork roll may be referred to colloquially as “Taylor Ham” due to the first production of pork roll being branded Taylor. Taylor Provisions Company produces pork-based products.

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