Where to Find and Buy Bacon Fat in the UK

Bacon fat, also known as lard or drippings, was once a kitchen staple ingredient. However, as concerns grew over saturated fats and cholesterol, liquid bacon fat fell out of favor with many home cooks. But now, bacon drippings seem to be making a comeback!

Using a small amount of bacon fat when cooking can add a depth of flavor that vegetable oils simply can’t match The popularity of keto and paleo diets have also put bacon fat back on the radar So where can you find and buy bacon fat in the UK today?

In this article. I’ll cover everything you need to know about buying and using bacon drippings

  • What is bacon fat and is it healthy?
  • Benefits and uses for bacon grease
  • Where to buy bacon fat in the UK
  • How to render and store your own lard
  • Tips for cooking with bacon drippings

Let’s start by looking at what exactly bacon fat is and its health effects.

What is Bacon Fat?

Bacon fat, sometimes called lard or drippings, is the rendered fat leftover from cooking bacon. It’s the clear, liquid pork fat that oozes out of the bacon as it cooks.

Traditionally, this bacon grease would be saved and used for cooking and frying But concerns emerged over its high saturated fat content and being unhealthy However, used in moderation, bacon fat is not as bad as once thought.

The main components of bacon fat are:

  • Monounsaturated fats: 40-50% of the fat content comes from heart-healthy monounsaturated fats like oleic acid.

  • Saturated fat: 40-50% is saturated fat, but not all saturated fats are bad. Some may provide health benefits.

  • Cholesterol: Bacon fat contains a moderate amount of cholesterol.

Overall, consuming bacon drippings in moderation likely poses little health risk. When used sparingly, bacon grease can be a flavorful alternative to vegetable and seed oils.

Next, let’s look at why you may want to use bacon fat in your cooking.

The Benefits and Uses of Bacon Fat

There are a few reasons why bacon drippings can be a useful addition to your kitchen:

  • Adds delicious meaty flavor: The smoky, porky flavor of bacon fat enhances the taste of veggies, eggs, potatoes, rice, beans, meats, and more.

  • High smoke point: With a smoke point around 375°F (190°C), bacon grease can be used for sautéing or frying without burning.

  • Natural source of fat: Using a small amount of bacon fat provides a natural way to cook with fat instead of processed vegetable oils.

  • Versatile ingredient: Bacon drippings can be used in cooking, baking, roasting vegetables, frying eggs, making confit, and adding flavor to beans or soups.

  • Savory fat for keto/paleo diets: The high fat content makes bacon grease useful for low carb high fat diets like keto or paleo.

So bacon fat can add a punch of flavor to all kinds of recipes! Next, let’s look at where to buy bacon grease in the UK.

Where to Buy Liquid Bacon Drippings in the UK

Previously, finding bacon fat for sale in stores was nearly impossible. But thankfully, as bacon drippings grow in popularity again, more options are popping up for where to buy lard or bacon grease in the UK:

  • Butcher shops or meat counters: Ask your local butcher if they have bacon fat for sale. Some butcher fresh bacon drippings daily.

  • Farmers markets: Look for an artisanal pig or bacon producer. They may sell jars of their fresh rendered lard.

  • Specialty online shops: Sites like Alternative Meats and Broughgammon Farm sell jars or packs of artisan bacon fat.

  • Amazon UK: You can find bacon fat from brands like Manora online at Amazon.

  • eBay UK: Listings for bacon drippings frequently pop up on eBay from various sellers.

When buying pre-rendered bacon fat, look for products from pastured, organic, or heritage breed pigs when possible for highest quality.

Next, let’s go over how to easily render and save your own bacon grease at home.

Rendering Your Own Bacon Fat at Home

If you regularly cook bacon, rendering and saving the leftover fat is a great idea. Here’s a simple step-by-step method:

1. Cook the Bacon

Cook your bacon however you normally would – skillet, oven or microwave. No need to change your normal cooking method.

2. Drain and Collect the Drippings

Once cooked, transfer the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Carefully pour the hot drippings into a heat-safe jar or container.

3. Let Cool and Separate the Fat

As the drippings cool, the fat will separate and rise to the top with the meat bits sinking. Refrigerating speeds up the process.

4. Skim Off only the Clear Yellow Fat

Once solidified and separated, use a spoon to skim off just the clear yellow liquid fat, leaving any meat solids behind.

5. Store in an Airtight Container

Transfer the filtered fat into an airtight container like a mason jar. Store in the fridge for up to 3 months or freeze for longer storage.

And that’s all there is to saving your own bacon grease! Now let’s go over some tips for cooking with those flavorful drippings.

Tips for Cooking with Bacon Fat

When using bacon fat for cooking, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use in small amounts – a little goes a long way.

  • Add to a cold pan, then heat up to avoid burning.

  • Mix with oils when frying to boost flavor.

  • Add to bean or lentil dishes for a meaty flavor boost.

  • Use for roasting potatoes, Brussels sprouts or veggies.

  • Make confit by poaching meat or garlic cloves in warm bacon fat.

  • Whip a spoonful into eggs when scrambling or making omelets.

  • Brush on proteins before grilling or roasting to add flavor.

  • Flavor rice, pasta or grain dishes by sautéing in bacon grease first.

  • Make a bacon fat flavored butter to top meats, breads or veggies.

With just a little drizzled or dabbed into dishes, bacon fat can impart tons of extra flavor. Start with small amounts until you get a feel for using it.

Now let’s do a quick recap of everything we’ve covered about buying and cooking with bacon drippings.

In Summary

  • Bacon fat is rendered pork fat leftover from cooking bacon that provides a smoky, meaty flavor.
  • Using bacon grease in moderation likely poses little health risk and can provide some benefits.
  • Bacon drippings add flavor when cooking veggies, eggs, meats, beans and more.
  • You can buy lard from butchers, farmers markets, specialty shops and online retailers in the UK.
  • It’s easy to render your own bacon fat at home – just slowly cook the bacon, strain the drippings and skim off the clear liquid fat.
  • Store homemade lard in the fridge up to 3 months or freeze for longer duration.
  • Use bacon grease sparingly when cooking by sautéing, frying, roasting or adding flavor to dishes.

Bacon fat deserves a comeback spot in your kitchen! With a jar of these flavorful drippings on hand, you can easily add a touch of smoky pork flavor to all kinds of recipes.

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Can you buy bacon fat?

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Where can I get bacon grease?

Bacon Up Bacon Grease, 14oz – Walmart.com.

Is bacon fat the same as lard?

While they come from the same animal, bacon fat and lard differ in taste and function. Bacon fat has a smoky taste, while lard—rendered fat from the pig—has a neutral flavor. You can use bacon fat to add flavor to baked goods, gravies, and sautés, but lard primarily adds texture to fried or baked foods.

How to get bacon fat?

At risk of stating the obvious, you render bacon fat by first cooking bacon. The trick is to cook the bacon slowly, on medium-low heat. I do this on the stovetop in a cast-iron pan, because cast iron retains heat and helps you cook bacon more evenly. Also, the bacon fat will help season the cast-iron pan.

Can You Buy British bacon in the US?

For the rest of this story, keep in mind that the terminology used here doesn’t mean you can’t buy British bacon in the US, or that Canadian bacon cannot be found anywhere else. It’s just the most common bacon for that country. American bacon is made from the belly of a pig.

What is British bacon?

British bacon isn’t made up of long thin strands of bacon. Instead, it is round and lacks those characteristic long stripes of fat interspersed throughout. Little did you know, that there are actually a lot of different types of bacon! Bacon has been made in the UK for centuries (and most likely in many more countries).

Does the Dorset Meat Company offer mail order Bacon?

Mail order bacon Here at the Dorset Meat Company, we pride ourselves on offering only the very finest cuts of meat, with grass fed, organic, free range meat across our site. This includes our mail order bacon, which features beef bacon, lamb bacon, pancetta and more.

Does gourmet bacon have more fat than store bought Bacon?

Gourmet bacon contains less fat content than store bought bacon, as the fat to meat ratio is one of the key factors which helps to classify high quality bacon as gourmet. In order to meet the criteria, bacon must go through examination and taste sampling, so you know you’re getting the very best when you shop for gourmet bacon options.

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