How Long Should You Cook Stuffed Peppers with Raw Ground Beef?

Stuffed peppers are a classic, delicious meal that can be endlessly customized to suit your taste. While there are many potential fillings, a popular choice is raw ground beef. The savory, beefy flavor pairs perfectly with the sweet bell pepper shell. However, raw beef requires proper cooking to ensure it is safe to eat. So how long do you need to bake stuffed peppers filled with raw ground beef?

In this article, I’ll provide a complete guide to cooking times, temperatures, and techniques to perfectly bake stuffed peppers packed with raw ground beef. Whether you’re making a quick weeknight dinner or prepping a meal for a crowd, you’ll learn exactly how long to cook stuffed peppers to achieve a tasty filling and tender peppers. Let’s get cooking!

Key Factors That Impact Cooking Time

Several factors affect the baking time required for stuffed peppers with a raw beef filling

  • Amount of filling – Peppers stuffed very full require longer cooking,

  • Meat thickness – Finely chopped or ground beef cooks faster than chunks.

  • Pepper size – Larger peppers need more time than smaller ones.

  • Oven temperature – Higher heat reduces cooking time.

  • Doneness – Cook 5-10 minutes longer for well-done beef vs. medium.

  • Additions – Ingredients like rice or cheese add cooking time.

Now let’s look at some general timelines.

Average Cooking Times

Here are the typical stuffed pepper cooking times based on average pepper size and medium-high oven temperature:

  • Small peppers (3-4 inches long): 35-45 minutes
  • Medium peppers (5-6 inches long): 45-60 minutes
  • Large peppers (7-8 inches long): 60-75 minutes

I recommend checking doneness 10 minutes before the minimum time and adjusting as needed. Times may vary based on your specific filling ingredients.

For food safety, raw ground beef should reach 160°F minimum internal temperature. Use a meat thermometer to confirm doneness, especially if adapting any cooking times.

Step-by-Step Cooking Method

Follow my simple step-by-step instructions for baking stuffed peppers with raw ground beef:

1. Prepare the filling

Cook any ingredients like rice, onions, or veggies first. Then combine with raw beef and seasonings.

2. Core and fill the peppers

Cut tops off peppers and remove seeds and membranes. Evenly fill with beef mixture.

3. Arrange peppers in baking dish

Place filled peppers upright in a baking dish. Add 1/4 cup water to bottom of dish.

4. Cover loosely with foil

Loosely cover baking dish with aluminum foil to allow steam to escape.

5. Bake at 375°F

Bake for recommended time based on size. Check doneness 10 minutes early.

6. Uncover and broil

Remove foil and broil 3-5 minutes to brown tops and make crispy.

7. Allow to rest 5 minutes

Let sit 5 minutes before serving for juicy, flavorful results. Enjoy!

Cooking Tips

Implement these tips for baked stuffed peppers perfection:

  • Lightly oil the baking dish so peppers don’t stick.

  • Pack filling loosely into peppers, not overly full.

  • Arrange peppers upright and close together in the baking dish.

  • Add a small amount of water to create steam and prevent burning.

  • Use aluminum foil to cover loosely and trap steam initially.

  • Uncover and broil at the end for crispy, browned tops.

  • Check temperature early and adjust time to ensure beef reaches 160°F.

  • Let rest 5 minutes before serving for juicy, flavorful results.

Common Baking Issues and Solutions

Having trouble getting tender peppers and properly cooked beef? Here are some common stuffed pepper baking problems and fixes:

Undercooked beef filling

  • Use a meat thermometer to confirm 160°F minimum temperature.

  • Chop beef finely for faster cooking.

  • Cook 5-10 minutes longer, until beef is no longer pink.

Overcooked, dry beef

  • Avoid overstuffing peppers which slows heat penetration.

  • Use ground sirloin which stays moister.

  • Check early and remove once beef reaches 160°F.

Underdone peppers

  • Increase oven temperature 25°F for faster cooking.

  • Cook larger peppers 5-10 minutes longer.

  • Finish under broiler to soften and brown tops.

Burnt or mushy peppers

  • Use lower oven temp like 350°F if cooking extra long.

  • Cover with foil to steam and prevent burning.

  • Check earlier and adjust time to avoid overcooking.

Delicious Stuffing Ideas

Ready to make your own crave-worthy stuffed peppers? Mix and match these tasty fillings:

  • All-beef – Ground beef seasoned with garlic, onion, Worcestershire, ketchup, etc.

  • Cheeseburger – Beef, shredded cheddar, mustard, pickles, and secret sauce.

  • Italian – Beef, mozzarella, ricotta, basil, oregano, marinara sauce.

  • Mexican – Beef, rice, black beans, corn, cumin, cilantro, Monterey Jack.

  • Greek – Beef, feta, spinach, onion, dill, mint, lemon.

  • BBQ – Beef, smoked Gouda, onions, BBQ sauce, touch of brown sugar.

  • Buffalo Chicken – Shredded chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles.

With the right cooking times and temperatures, you’ll achieve stuffed pepper perfection. Now get cooking with your favorite savory raw beef filling!

Easy Stuffed Peppers Recipe

How do you cook ground beef stuffed peppers?

Turn off heat and set the beef rice mixture aside. Stuff the peppers. Fill up each pepper with beef mixture and sprinkle remaining cheddar cheese on top. Bake. Bake the ground beef stuffed peppers in a 375 F preheated oven for 40-45 minutes until the pepper softens and the melted cheese turns golden brown.

How do you cook stuffed peppers in a crock pot?

Add the bell peppers to a lightly oiled baking dish. Top the peppers with marinara sauce and bake in a preheated oven. Right before serving, sprinkle some cheese on top and broil the stuffed peppers for a few minutes. Lastly, garnish with parsley and serve.

How long do stuffed peppers take to cook?

For these stuffed bell peppers, the peppers bake in a 400 degree F oven for 20 minutes at the same time the filling cooks on the stovetop. Then after they’re filled, they go back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so, for a total of 30 minutes. How do you keep stuffed peppers from falling over?

Can You reheat ground beef stuffed peppers?

Reheating in the oven: If you have time, I recommend reheating the ground beef stuffed peppers in the oven (or air fryer) at 350F. Place them in a casserole dish (the peppers may leak) and cover with aluminum foil (to steam the peppers). Bake covered for 20 minutes and uncovered for 5 minutes. If frozen, extend the cooking time.

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