How Many Rashers of Bacon are in 1kg? A Detailed Breakdown

For bacon lovers knowing how to properly portion out your favorite breakfast meat is key. When purchasing bacon by the kilogram or opening up a 1kg pack a common question is – just how many delicious rashers can you expect to get?

The number of rashers per kilo depends on various factors like the cut, thickness, cooking method, and more. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of typical rasher counts for different bacon types and sizes

Whether you prefer streaky, back, or Canadian bacon, read on to become an expert on rashers per kilo!

Typical Rasher Counts by Bacon Type

Not all bacon is created equal when it comes to the number of slices per kilo. Here are typical rasher counts based on the most common varieties:

  • Streaky bacon – 40-45 rashers per kg
  • Dry cured bacon – 40-45 rashers per kg
  • Back bacon – 25-28 rashers per kg
  • Canadian bacon – 30-35 rashers per kg
  • Regular cut bacon – 16-20 slices per pound (35-44 per kg)

As you can see, leaner back bacon and Canadian bacon pack fewer rashers into a kilo than fattier streaky or dry cured options.

Factors That Impact Rasher Counts

Several factors contribute to fluctuations in the number of rashers per kilo:


Thicker slices mean fewer rashers in a kilo, while thinner bacon packs more into a kg.

Type of Cut

Fattier cuts like streaky bacon contain more rashers than leaner back bacon.

Branding & Quality

Premium artisanal brands may have custom or irregular bacon sizing.

Package Size

Larger wholesale sizes may contain different rasher amounts than smaller retail packs.

Moisture Content

Higher moisture equals less net bacon, so rasher counts would be lower.

Weight of a Single Bacon Rasher

To understand rasher counts, it helps to know average rasher weights:

  • Regular streaky rasher – 15-16g raw, 12g cooked
  • Back bacon rasher – 32-34g raw, 25-28g cooked
  • Thick cut rasher – 28-45g raw, 20-32g cooked
  • Thin cut rasher – 10-15g raw, 8-12g cooked

Cooking reduces weight through moisture loss. Thickness impacts weight too.

Calculating Nutrition Facts Per Kilogram

Knowing the number of rashers allows you to determine nutritional contents for the full kilo of bacon. For example:

  • 40 slices at 16g each = 640g of streaky bacon
  • 640g provides approximately 926 calories and 68g fat

Use rasher counts and weights to calculate totals for calories, fat, sodium, protein and other nutritional components.

Tips for Counting and Measuring

Get the most accurate rasher counts with these helpful tips:

  • Physically count rashers when first opening a new package.

  • Note any nutritional info on the pack related to slices per kg.

  • Use a kitchen scale to weigh packaged kilo amounts.

  • Weigh individual rashers on a gram scale for true weights.

  • Compare stated rasher amounts to your counted/weighed totals.

  • Adjust for moisture loss – cooked rashers weigh less than raw.

Buying Bacon by the Kilo

Seeking out quality bacon optimizes nutrition and flavor. When buying by the kilo:

  • Choose heritage breed pigs for richer taste.

  • Seek out artisanal local butchers for custom cuts.

  • Inspect pack dates and labeling for freshness.

  • Calculate cost per kg to compare values.

  • Request thicker or thinner slices based on preference.

  • Clarify with your butcher on approximate rasher counts per pack.

With the right selection and preparation, you can fully enjoy every last rasher.

Healthy and Moderate Consumption

While undeniably delicious, bacon should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Follow these tips when portioning out your kilo of bacon:

  • Limit bacon meals to 1-2 times per week maximum.

  • Calculate and weigh proper serving sizes using the information provided.

  • Pair bacon with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins.

  • Opt for turkey bacon or chicken bacon to reduce fat, sodium and calories.

  • Choose thinner slices to keep portions and fat content in check.

  • Talk to your doctor about how much is appropriate for your dietary needs.

Savory, Satisfying Rashers

When handled responsibly, nothing beats the smoky satisfaction of crispy, flavorful bacon rashers. Use this guide to determine the appropriate number of rashers per kilo and master proper portioning for your breakfast feasts.

So go forth and fry up those pork strips in balance as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Just be sure to share the bacon – no keeping it all to yourself!

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How many rashers of bacon are in 1 kilo?

Our thick cut bacon has been a firm favourite since the butchery started. The price is per kilo which will give you approximately 10 to 16 rashers, depending on the size of the loin.

How many rashers are in 2kg bacon?

2kg Dry Cured Bacon (50 Rashers) – Kevin’s Butchers.

How many middle bacon rashers are in 1kg?

Middle Rasher Bacon have a slice that includes the loin muscle and the pork belly in one. We use minimal parts per million nitrate brine to cure our bacon, and smoke it in house using beechwood chips for a truly artisan flavour experience. You will receive approx. 12 – 14 slices per kg.

How much does one bacon rasher weigh?

bacon rashers weight approximately 80-100g each.

How many rashers are in a kilo of bacon?

It’s also important to note that different types and cuts of bacon may have different rasher counts. For example, dry cured and streaky bacon typically have around 40-45 rashers per kilo, while regular cut bacon may range between 16-20 slices per pound. Part cooked bacon may have varying rasher counts depending on the brand and packaging.

How many Rashers in a package of bacon?

Another way to calculate the number of rashers in a package of bacon is to use serving sizes. Typically, two streaky bacon rashers (20 grams), one back, or should bacon rasher (19 grams), or one tablespoon of bacon bits make one serving. So, if you know how many servings you need, you can easily calculate how many rashers you’ll need.

How many rashers of streaky bacon per kilo?

However, on average, you can expect to get around 40-45 rashers of streaky bacon per kilo. Streaky bacon is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It’s perfect for a classic fry-up breakfast or as a tasty addition to sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes.

How many strips of bacon in a kilo?

The number of strips of bacon in a kilo can vary depending on the type of bacon and its thickness. For example, regular cut bacon typically has a thickness of about 0.062 inches and may range between 16-20 slices to make up a pound. This means that a kilo of regular cut bacon would have approximately 32-40 slices.

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