Unlock the Secret to Melt-in-Your-Mouth Beef Cheeks from the Pressure Cooker

Beef cheeks offer an incredibly rich, savory flavor when properly cooked, but their collagen-rich texture requires slow moist cooking to reach tender perfection This makes them an ideal candidate for the pressure cooker, which rapidly transforms tough cuts into succulent fork-tender meat

Follow this guide to master cooking melt-in-your-mouth beef cheeks in the pressure cooker with tips on

  • Benefits of cooking beef cheeks in a pressure cooker
  • Choosing and prepping beef cheeks
  • Flavorful braising liquid combinations
  • Step-by-step pressure cooking instructions
  • Serving suggestions for your tender beef cheeks

With a little know-how, the pressure cooker unlocks beef cheek’s full potential into a comforting, beefy meal the whole family will love.

Why Cook Beef Cheeks in a Pressure Cooker?

Cooking beef cheeks using a pressure cooker offers several advantages:

  • Speed – Pressure cooking reduces cooking time significantly, transforming tough meat in under an hour.

  • Tenderization – High heat and pressure breakdown collagen into gelatin for succulent, fork-tender meat.

  • Flavor infusion – Cooking in flavorful braising liquid gives concentrated taste.

  • Moistness – The contained environment prevents moisture loss.

  • Convenience – Mostly hands-off cooking once pot is sealed.

Your pressure cooker gives you tender, rich beef cheek meals in a fraction of the time of traditional braising.

Selecting and Prepping Beef Cheeks for Cooking

Look for well-marbled beef cheek pieces with deep red color. Remove any silver skin or large deposits of hard fat for ease of eating. Cut into 1-2 inch chunks to reduce cooking time. Season all over with salt, pepper and your choice of herbs or spice rub. Marinating overnight helps seasonings permeate. Pat dry before cooking.

Craft the Perfect Braising Liquid

The braising liquid provides tons of flavor as the beef cheeks cook. Try ingredients like:

  • Aromatic veggies – Onion, carrots, celery
  • Wine or stock – For depth of flavor
  • Tomatoes – Bright acidity and richness
  • Herbs and spices – Thyme, rosemary, paprika
  • Garlic and ginger – Punch of flavor

Get creative mixing and matching liquids and seasonings to suit your taste.

Step-By-Step Guide to Pressure Cooked Beef Cheeks

Follow these simple steps for incredible beef cheeks every time:

  • Sear the chunks in the cooker pot first to brown the exterior.

  • Sauté aromatics like onion, garlic, and carrots to start building a flavor base.

  • Deglaze with wine or broth to pick up browned bits from searing.

  • Add beef cheeks back in and pour in enough braising liquid to come halfway up the meat.

  • Pressure cook on high for 40-60 minutes until extremely tender when poked.

  • Naturally release pressure, then shred cheeks with a fork in the sauce.

  • Simmer uncovered to reduce and thicken braising liquid as desired.

  • Adjust seasoning and serve meat and sauce together.

With the pressurized heat, beef cheeks transform from tough to tender in about an hour or less.

Serving Suggestions for Braised Beef Cheeks

Fork-tender beef cheeks pair wonderfully with:

  • Creamy mashed potatoes or polenta – Soak up the delicious braising sauce.

  • Egg noodles or pasta – Toss shredded beef with sauce for a hearty ragu.

  • Soft tacos – Stuff with shredded beef cheeks and top with salsa.

  • Cauliflower rice – For a low-carb base under braised beef.

  • Savory porridge – Ladle braising liquid over farro or barley.

However you enjoy them, pressure-cooked beef cheeks make a deeply satisfying meal.

Satisfying and Simple Pressure Cooked Beef Cheeks

With the pressurized heat of an Instant Pot, electric pressure cooker, or stovetop pressure cooker, you can transform tough beef cheeks into a family-friendly delight in about an hour or less. The moist enclosed environment also infuses the meat with flavors from the braising liquid. Serve fork-tender beef cheeks and luscious sauce over creamy polenta, toss with pasta for a ragu, or use in tacos. After learning how easy and tasty pressure cooked beef cheeks can be, this inexpensive cut may become a new favorite!

Beef Cheeks Recipe in the Pressure Cooker


How long does it take for beef to get tender in pressure cooker?

The cooking time depends on how much beef you have. I like to assume 20 minutes for every pound of meat. So, for my 3-pound beef chuck, I will need to cook at high pressure for 1 hour. After the hour, I release the pressure and shred the tender beef.

How much water do I add to a pressure cooker for beef?

Pour in at least two cups of water; use 1 to 2 cups more if the beef is a tough cut or to reach the minimum amount recommended by the pressure cooker’s manufacturer. Seal the lid and bring the cooker up to full pressure over high heat. Reduce the heat to low, maintaining full pressure, and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

How long do you pressure cook beef for?

Meat, Poultry
Cook Time, (minutes)
Beef, pot roast, rump, round, chuck, or brisket, 3 to 4 lbs. (1.4 to 1.8 kg)
45-60 (15 mins per pound)
Beef, ribs, short, for grilling
Beef, ribs, short, for stewing
Chicken breasts, with bones, 2 to 3 lbs. (0.9 to 1.4 kg)

Do you cover meat with liquid in a pressure cooker?

While you may cover meat almost completely for a conventional braise, use just enough liquid for the cooker to reach pressure – during pressure cooking the meat will release it’s own juice and braise in that flavorful liquid, instead.

How do you cook beef cheeks in a pressure cooker?

Set your instant pot or pressure cooker to saute, add the olive oil, and allow both to warm before adding your chunked, cubed beef cheeks. Add the beef cheeks once the pot has warmed, then cover with seasoning: salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, smoked paprika, and ground cloves. Stir to coat the meat with seasoning.

How do you cook beef in a pressure cooker?

Set your pressure cooker to the Saute setting on Normal. Add olive oil, onions, carrots, and celery and cook for 2-3 minutes to soften slightly. Stir a few times. Step 3: Add Seasonings and Liquids Add diced beef cheeks, herbs, seasonings, and garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring a couple of times.

Can you cook beef cheeks without a pressure cooker?

If you do not have a pressure cooker or an instant pot, you can braise your beef cheeks in the oven in a dutch oven pot. You could also use a slow cooker to cook the beef cheek dish on low heat until tender. You’ll have a comforting meal full of flavor after a day of cooking.

How do you cook beef cheeks in a crock pot?

Add olive oil, onions, carrots and celery and cook for 2-3 minutes to soften slightly. Stir a few times. Add meat & bits: Add diced beef cheeks, herbs, seasonings and garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes, stirring a couple of times. Pour in the wine and stir, then follow by ⅔ cup of water (or beef stock if using).

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