Mastering the Art of Smoking Ham on a Green Mountain Grill

As someone who loves both smoked meat and convenient cooking gadgets I was thrilled when I got my hands on a Green Mountain pellet grill. I couldn’t wait to fire it up and smoke a juicy flavorful ham for my family. However, I quickly realized there was a learning curve to using this high-tech smoker grill.

Through trial and error, I’ve mastered the art of smoking incredible ham on my Green Mountain Grill. In this guide, I’ll share everything I wish I knew starting out. You’ll learn the keys to preparing your ham, setting up the grill, controlling temperature, timing the smoke, and serving succulent smoked ham. Let’s get smoking!

Why Choose a Green Mountain Grill?

Green Mountain Grills (GMG) are premium pellet smoker grills known for their precise temperature control and long-lasting construction. Here’s why they excel at smoking ham:

  • Maintains steady low heat for hours of unattended smoking

  • Imparts real wood-fired flavor from burning flavor pellet varieties.

  • WiFi and app integration allows remote temperature monitoring.

  • Insulated barrel provides maximum heat retention.

  • Large capacity fits hams up to 18 pounds.

While pricier than a basic charcoal smoker, a pellet grill like the GMG is an investment that yields delicious smoked meats for years. The convenience and set-it-and-forget-it simplicity can’t be beat.

Selecting and Preparing the Ham

Choosing the right ham is critical for the best smoking results:

  • Look for a bone-in, uncured ham between 10-14 lbs. The bone adds moisture and flavor.

  • Opt for minimal water added and no artificial ingredients.

  • Plan 12 hours ahead and apply a dry rub for enhanced flavor.

  • Let the ham sit out for 1 hour before smoking so it’s not ice cold.

Pro tip: Injecting the ham with a marinade of apple juice, brown sugar, and spices takes the flavor to the next level.

Setting Up the Green Mountain Grill

Proper setup is key to utilizing the full potential of your pellet grill:

  • Assemble per instructions – Green Mountain Grills are well-designed for DIY assembly.

  • Select your preferred pellet variety – I suggest apple, maple, or cherry for ham.

  • Empty the grease bucket – This prevents flair ups.

  • Clean the grill grates – Scrape off debris and brush down grates.

  • Apply a thin coating of oil – Helps prevent ham from sticking.

You want your grill in peak condition to cook the ham evenly and impart maximum flavor.

Mastering Temperature Control

The ability to precisely control temperature over many hours is what makes Green Mountain Grills excel at slow smoking large cuts like ham:

  • Set the grill to 225°F for low and slow smoking.

  • Use a leave-in meat thermometer to monitor interior temp.

  • Maintain 225°F by adjusting damper vents as needed.

  • Add more pellets early to prevent temperature drops.

  • Keep the grease bucket empty to prevent flair ups.

  • Avoid frequent peeking – Each open loses heat and smoke!

Cooking low and steady is crucial to breaking down collagen for tender ham that falls off the bone. A GMG pellet grill allows a level of precision tough to achieve with charcoal or gas.

Achieving Optimal Smoke Levels

In addition to temperature, managing smoke levels is imperative to maximize flavor:

  • Use max smoke setting for the first 2 hours.

  • Lower to a medium smoke setting after the first 2 hours.

  • Add a smoke tube for additional smoke if desired.

  • Replenish pellet supply regularly.

  • If bitter smoke taste develops, reduce the smoke level.

You want consistent medium smoke, not heavy white billowing smoke. The goal is just enough thin blue smoke to impart flavor without oversmoking.

Monitoring Temperature for Perfect Doneness

Finally, the ham is done when:

  • The internal temp reaches 145°F.

  • The meat begins to pull back from the bone.

  • A meat fork slides in cleanly with little resistance.

  • The outside has a dark, crusty bark appearance.

Always rely on a thermometer for doneness, not just time. The stall where temperature plateaus can vary. Cook until 145°F for safe, tender and juicy results.

Serving Your Smoked Ham

Showcase your smoked masterpiece by:

  • Letting it rest tented in foil for up to 30 minutes.

  • Slicing across the grain for tender cuts.

  • Arrange artfully on a platter surrounded by fresh greenery.

  • Pairing with classic sides like baked beans, potatoes, and cornbread.

  • Adding sauces on the side like mustard, bourbon, or pepper jelly.

Smoked ham never fails to impress guests. The aroma alone builds anticipation. Slice it up and watch those plates fill up fast!

Final Smoking Tips

To recap, follow these tips when smoking ham on your Green Mountain Grill:

  • Choose quality bone-in uncured ham around 10-14 lbs.

  • Inject ham a day ahead and apply a dry rub.

  • Assemble grill properly and prepare for smoking.

  • Set temperature to 225°F and use a food thermometer.

  • Maintain low steady heat and thin blue smoke.

  • Cook to 145°F internal temperature.

  • Let rest 30 minutes then slice and serve.

Smoking ham requires patience but the payoff of tender, juicy meat with a smoky crust is so worth it. Fire up that Green Mountain Grill and enjoy your new smoking skills. Delicious ham awaits!

Double Smoked Ham on Green Mountain Pellet Grill


How to smoke a precooked ham on a pellet grill?

Place the ham on a foil-lined cooking tray, set it on the smoker rack and close the smoker. Check the ham with a meat thermometer approximately once per hour; you’re done when it hits 175ºF. Most hams will take approximately four to six hours to get there — and, along the way, they’ll acquire that taste you’re craving!

How long to smoke a fully cooked ham at 225 degrees?

Once your grill or smoker reaches a temperature of 225, place the ham on the grate. If the Ham is fully cooked, smoke for one hour. How long does it take to smoke a ham that’s uncooked? If it’s been brined and prepared, expect to smoke for up to 7 hours, until it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long to smoke a raw ham on pellet grill?

A good rule of thumb is to smoke the ham at a temperature of 225-250°F for 30 minutes per pound. This means a 10-pound ham will take around five hours to smoke.

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