Where to Find Authentic Iberico Ham in Toronto

As a foodie living in Toronto, I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting ingredients and flavors from around the world. One ingredient that I’ve become particularly obsessed with lately is Iberico ham, also known as “pata negra.” This specialty cured ham comes from a special breed of Iberian pig native to Spain and Portugal and is renowned for its rich, nutty flavor and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Once you’ve tried true Iberico ham, you’ll never look at regular deli ham the same way again!

Iberico ham is still relatively hard to find here in Toronto, but the good news is that the availability of imported authentic Iberico ham is growing as more specialty food shops bring it in. Here are my top recommendations on where foodies can find and taste real deal Iberico ham in Toronto:

The Spanish Store

When it comes to finding authentic imported Spanish foods in Toronto The Spanish Store is my absolute favorite source. This family-run business focusing on premium Spanish foods has an excellent selection of Iberico hams to choose from.

They carry popular brands like Cinco Jotas, Marcos, Olivenza, and Belloterra. You can shop for whole bone-in or boneless Iberico hams as well as pre-sliced packed Iberico ham. The Spanish Store has all three levels of Iberico ham

  • Acorn-fed “de bellota” Iberico – From free-range purebred Iberian pigs fed on acorns and pasture. The highest quality.

  • Mixed-fed “recebo” Iberico – From Iberian pigs fed on mixed diet of acorns and grain feed Mid-level quality.

  • Grain-fed “cebo” Iberico – 100% Iberian breed but raised on grain feed. Most affordable.

This makes The Spanish Store a one-stop-shop to experience the full range of Iberico hams. You can taste the different types side-by-side to appreciate the impact of the diet on flavor.

The Spanish Store also offers free storage services if you buy a whole ham–a great bonus! Prices range from $100/lb for Cebo to $200+/lb for premium De Bellota.

Arc Imports

Another fantastic Spanish specialty shop bringing authentic Iberico ham into Toronto is Arc Imports. They are importers with direct connections to legendary Spanish producer Antonio Romero, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

At Arc Imports, you’ll find a stellar selection of Acorn-fed Cinco Jotas Iberico hams, considered one of the finest brands from Spain. You can buy Cinco Jotas whole bone-in or boneless Iberico leg hams as well as Iberico shoulder hams.

For Iberico ham lovers who want to buy top-tier products, Arc Imports has you covered. They also sell hand-carved Iberico ham slices, so you can sample this luxury ingredient without committing to a whole ham. Expect to pay premium prices for the highest echelons of Iberico ham quality.

Sanagan’s Meat Locker

This popular local butcher shop and meat boutique also carries a small selection of imported Iberico hams. They stock Acorn-fed Bellota Iberico boneless legs from Juan Pedro Domecq as well as Cinco Jotas paletas (shoulders).

The availability can be limited, but it’s worth calling in to Sanagan’s to check as they sometimes have Iberico ham in stock fresh for slicing. You can also special order Iberico hams through their custom order program.

As a full-service butcher, Sanagan’s provides the same quality of service for Iberico ham as they do for their prime cuts of beef and other gourmet meats. Definitely check here if you want Iberico ham sliced to order.

Outer Market

This charming grocery store and cafe in the Upper Beaches carries a range of Spanish imports including Iberico ham. They stock sliced Iberico ham packets from Izquierdo brand along with Iberico chorizo and salchichon.

While the selection is not huge, it’s a convenient option for east-end residents to pick up packaged Iberico ham slices without having to trek downtown. Outer Market is also a great place to grab a coffee and sandwich to go along with your Iberico ham!

Online & Direct from Spain

Another option for finding authentic Iberico ham is to order online directly from specialty importers in Spain. The downside is having to pay international shipping, but the upside is access to even wider selections from the source.

Some online Spanish retailers like Tienda have a large Iberico ham selection available to ship directly to you. IberGour is another good option for buying directly from Spain and shipping globally.

You can also find authentic sellers on Amazon.ca like Foods from Spain that distribute various brands of packaged Iberico ham slices and vacuums packed portions.

The bonus of online is you can order hard-to-find Iberico delicacies like lomo or chorizo too!

Iberico Events & Tastings

Instead of buying it yourself, another way to taste true Iberico ham in Toronto is to attend one of the special tasting events popping up around town.

The Jamoneria tapas bar from Arc Imports periodically holds Iberico ham tasting events where you can try Cinco Jotas Joselito and other premium hams sliced to order right in front of you.

Keep an eye out for Iberico ham tasting events at gourmet food stores like McEwan Fine Foods as well. These are great opportunities to taste Iberico ham in a social setting and learn more about this incredible ingredient from experts!

Eat at Authentic Spanish Restaurants

Of course, one of the best ways to try Iberico ham in Toronto is to visit an authentic Spanish restaurant and order it as part of your meal! Unfortunately, there still aren’t that many Spanish restaurants in Toronto putting real Iberico ham on their menu.

Two restaurants that do serve the authentic stuff are Bar Raval on College St. and Casa Bayo in Thornhill, Vaughan. Check out their tapas menus for charcuterie boards with real Iberico ham or order entrees like the Paella “de la casa” with Iberico ham.

Savor the True Spanish Flavor!

From top-tier Acorn-fed Cinco Jotas at boutique importers to house-carved Iberico ham at Spanish restaurants, there are now plenty of ways to get your Iberico fix! I for one will keep indulging in this melt-in-your-mouth ham any chance I get. ¡Buen provecho Toronto!

How to buy a WHOLE JAMÓN!

Where can I buy Iberico Ham?

Buy Iberico Ham online from Basco. The distinctive flavours of Spanish cured meats and Jamon Iberico, Iberico ham leg, Chorizo Iberico, Lomo Iberico and Salchichon Iberico give Spanish charcuterie a real gourmet appeal. Spain has also perfected the art of curing hams, and is the world’s leading producer of Jamon Iberico Hams.

Where to buy Iberico Ham in Vancouver?

There’s manchego and Iberico cheese, filetes de boqueron, lomo or pork loin ham and the highest grade of ham Cinco Jotas. They have a sandwich shop on site where they’ll make a bocadillo for only $9. To cap things off the the Spanish Mocha coffee is excellent. This place is one of those few shops in Vancouver that sells Iberico ham.

What makes an Ibérico ham unique?

But ibérico is unique because it must be made from ibérico pigs, a dark-colored breed that’s native to Spain. This nutty, ultra-luxurious ham is well worth the price of admission. Full-breed ibérico pigs that are raised in their native Spanish pastures on an acorn-heavy diet yield the highest quality hams.

Which restaurant has the best Iberico Ham?

1. Scheffler’s Delicatessen $$St. Lawrence “Such friendly amazing staff They also have the best Iberico Spanish ham!” more 2. Barcelona Gourmet “I got – Manchego cheese (different mushroom flavors) 12 months 18.99 – Julian Martin Iberico (cured” more 3. Bar Isabel

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