can red claw crabs live with shrimp

The Definitive Guide to Keeping Red Claw Crabs with Shrimp Red claw crabs are a popular freshwater species known for their bright coloration and feisty personalities. Shrimp also make excellent tank mates adding diversity and activity to the aquarium. But can these two creatures coexist safely? With proper precautions, red claw crabs and shrimp can … Read more

Can Crabs and Crayfish Live Together? A Complete Guide

Crabs and crayfish are two popular crustaceans kept as pets in home aquariums. At first glance they appear quite similar – both have claws armored exoskeletons, and prefer aquatic environments. This leads many aquarists to wonder can crabs and crayfish live together in the same tank? While these two creatures share some basic traits, there … Read more