Can You Really Catch Lobsters in Oregon?

When you think of lobster, places like Maine, Nova Scotia, and Cape Cod likely come to mind first. But did you know that you can actually catch lobsters right here in Oregon? While not as abundant or large as their East Coast relatives, there are small lobsters dwelling along the Oregon coast if you know … Read more

Do Whales Really Eat Lobsters? Examining the Complex Relationship Between These Marine Giants and Crustaceans

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why is my lobster tail meat green

Demystifying the Green: Why Lobster Tail Meat Sometimes Turns Green As a seafood lover, you’ve likely encountered lobster tail meat that has a strange greenish hue or tint to it. This unusual and unexpected color can be off-putting, even alarming for those unfamiliar with its cause But what explains this green lobster meat, and is … Read more

Does Texas Roadhouse Have Lobster Tail? An In-Depth Look at Their Menu

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Why is My Lobster Tail Meat Pink?

Ordering lobster tail is always an exciting experience. The sweet, succulent meat is considered a luxury ingredient, and being able to crack open a lobster shell and dive into that first juicy bite is a real treat. However, nothing can ruin the experience faster than being served lobster tail meat that doesn’t look quite right. … Read more