Can You Eat Mutton When You Have a Cough?

Coughs and colds are very common, especially during the winter months. When you’re sick with a cough, figuring out what foods are okay to eat versus what foods to avoid can be confusing. Mutton is a nutritious meat that’s popular in many cuisines, but is it okay to eat when you have a cough? In … Read more

Can You Eat Mutton Paya During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting yet delicate time that requires paying close attention to your diet Many pregnant women have cravings for certain foods but aren’t sure if these foods are safe to consume during pregnancy One such craving many Indian women have is for mutton paya or goat legs soup. But is mutton paya something … Read more

How Much Mutton is Needed to Serve 100 People?

Planning a large dinner, wedding, or celebration that calls for mutton? Trying to figure out how many kilos you need to buy can be tricky when cooking for a crowd. Mutton refers to meat from a mature adult sheep, and is a fabulous choice for feeding many people. It’s flavorful, relatively inexpensive, and suitable for … Read more

Which Part of Mutton is Best for Biryani?

Biryani is an aromatic, flavorful rice dish that originated in India and is popular throughout South Asia. It is typically made by layering marinated meat and fragrant basmati rice, then slow cooking everything together in a pot. One of the keys to amazing biryani is choosing the right cut of meat. When making mutton biryani, … Read more