How to Scald Oysters Perfectly Every Time

Oysters are a delicious shellfish that can be prepared in many different ways. While eating oysters raw on the half shell is popular, one of my favorite ways to enjoy oysters is to scald them Scalding oysters is a cooking technique that originated in Maryland and remains a tasty regional specialty In this comprehensive guide, … Read more

are oyster crackers unleavened bread

Are Oyster Crackers Considered Unleavened Bread? A Detailed Look Oyster crackers have been a beloved snack for over a century, but their origins and makeup have made some question whether they should be considered unleavened bread. In this article, we’ll explore the history and ingredients behind oyster crackers and examine the debate over what constitutes … Read more

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Are Turkey Oysters Really Balls? An In-Depth Look at This Bizarre Delicacy

Turkey oysters also known as “short fries” are an unusual and controversial delicacy that many people have never heard of. As the name suggests, turkey oysters are the testicles of male turkeys that are fried and eaten as an appetizer or snack. Despite the intriguing name and concept, turkey oysters remain relatively obscure, especially compared … Read more