How Long Have Ramen Noodles Been Around?

The noodles were known as “Chinese soba” noodles in Japan until the 1950s despite being widely known to have been imported from China. Ramen shops first became popular in both nations in the early 1900s. Chinatown was created as a result of a large number of overseas Chinese settling in the three major ports of Yokohama, Kobe, and Nagasaki, giving the underprivileged working class a quick and affordable option. The Japanese were probably first exposed to the wheat-based noodles by Chinese food cart vendors.

However, after the Second Sino-Japanese War, when Japanese soldiers returned from China with a renewed appreciation for Chinese cuisine, the popularity of ramen in Japan skyrocketed. According to legend, the Japanese at the time referred to it as “Dragon Noodle,” which implies that the dragon (a Chinese animal) consumes noodles. The term ramen was first introduced in the Taisho era. It was claimed that Yokohama made the first appearance in 1918. Tokyo is the first place where ramen is popular. The Lai Lai in Asakusa, Tokyo, opened its doors in the Meiji era, when ramen first became popular. This restaurant has begun serving a traditional Japanese soup made with a bonito and kelp broth blended with chicken or pork bone soup to create ramen in the Tokyo style with soy sauce.

Over time, ramen is not cheap and easy food anymore. It has become well-known and widely consumed gourmet food as a result of the Japanese people’s ongoing research and re-creation. According to reports, ramen restaurants began to spring up all over Japan in the 1990s and quickly became essential stops for commuters and tourists. Although it’s difficult to say for sure, it’s probably not too far-fetched to say that ramen was a dish that was created in China but became popular in Japan. And there’s no denying that since being introduced to the dish, Japanese restaurants have truly made it their own. Ramen is now clearly an international dish with multi-country followers. Ramen was not only popularized by the Japanese, but also spread throughout the world.

Instant ramen was first invented in 1958 by Japanese-Taiwanese businessman and Noodle God, Momofuku Ando. But let’s rewind a bit. After World War 2 (post 1945), Japan was having difficulties feeding its population. Rice shortages around this time didn’t help either.


Since ramen noodles are known to quickly alleviate the symptoms of hunger, the instant noodles developed from regular noodles make sense. The instant noodles developed by Taiwanese chef Ando Baifu represent a paradigm shift in the noodle industry. After the war, Ando Baifu made the decision to remain in Japan as an emperor and advance the country. He considered how to make the ramen quick to prepare and simple to store while in his own backyard. Later, the water in the noodles is removed through the frying process, making it difficult for them to rot. The dried noodles will re-soften when you add hot water because the water will pass through the small holes in them.

The meal is expedited by Ando Baifu, who also alters how people eat. One billion packets of instant noodles are sold worldwide each year, according to statistics from 2010, outpacing and outselling McDonald’s in terms of sales.


When was ramen noodles popular in America?

Even though the American ramen boom began in the early 2000s, it is still on the rise today. Every day, new ramen shops open, and it’s common to see crowds of people waiting outside of them. At this point, it wouldn’t be overly bold to claim that ramen is no longer a fad but rather a staple of American cuisine.

When did ramen become a thing?

The more likely theory, according to historians, is that Chinese immigrants who lived in Yokohama Chinatown brought ramen to Japan in the late 19th or early 20th century.

When were ramen noodles first sold?

Nissin Foods’ Momofuku Ando created instant noodles in Japan. They debuted in 1958 under the Chikin Ramen brand. Nissin launched Cup Noodles, the first cup noodle product, in 1971.

How long has Maruchan ramen been around?

The history of Maruchan began in 1953 when a visionary young man from Japan named Kazuo Mori established a modest distributorship for frozen fish in Tokyo. Through hard work, commitment and perseverance, Mr. Mori’s small business soon developed into the prosperous food company Toyo Suisan.