Bringing Beef Jerky into Canada: Regulations and Restrictions

Beef jerky is a popular snack for travelers, hikers, and anyone on the go. But can you actually bring beef jerky into Canada from the United States? With stringent agriculture and food importation laws, there are some important regulations to know

Can I Bring Beef Jerky into Canada?

Yes, you can bring beef jerky into Canada if

  • It originates from the United States
  • It does not contain poultry, pork, or bird products
  • It totals less than 20 kgs (44 lbs) per person

Beef jerky counts as a processed meat product. Canadian border officials allow each traveler to import up to 20 kgs (44 lbs) of processed meat products duty-free. As long as your beef jerky falls under this personal exemption amount, you can bring it in.

Note that beef jerky containing poultry, pork, or bird meat like turkey, chicken, or duck jerky cannot be brought in from the U.S. due to disease risks. Stick with plain beef jerky only.

Inspecting Your Beef Jerky at the Canada Border

All food products are subject to inspection when entering Canada. This includes beef jerky. Border guards may ask you to:

  • Declare all beef jerky in your possession
  • Show proof of U.S. origin such as a store receipt
  • Open packages for visual inspection
  • Take some jerky samples for lab testing

Cooperate fully if your beef jerky gets selected for closer inspection Answer questions honestly and do not attempt to hide or sneak jerky through. Fines and penalties apply if you fail to properly declare agricultural items

If sampled, your beef jerky will be tested for banned substances and disease. It likely will not be returned after testing.

Duty and Taxes on Beef Jerky

You can bring up to 20 kgs of beef jerky into Canada duty-free. But any amount over the limit gets assessed import duties. The duty rate is around 12.5% of the total value.

Applicable federal and provincial sales taxes also apply. Expect to pay 13% HST on beef jerky in Ontario, for example.

To avoid hassles, only bring personal amounts of beef jerky for your trip. Commercial quantities for resale require formal import procedures.

Safe Handling of Beef Jerky in Canada

Once cleared by border officials, keep your U.S. beef jerky in original sealed packaging. Do not attempt to repackage or conceal it.

Refrigerate beef jerky during your Canadian travels if possible. If not refrigerated, consume within 2 weeks for food safety. Discard any beef jerky that smells bad or looks moldy.

Do not attempt to bring leftover beef jerky back into the U.S. Declare any jerky being returned to U.S. officials. Be prepared to surrender it.

Other Dried and Cured Meats

Along with U.S. beef jerky, you can also bring other cured meat products like salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni into Canada under the 20 kg personal exemption limit.

However, dried meats containing pork are prohibited as are any raw meats, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Only cooked/cured meats are permitted. Know what you can and cannot bring to avoid problems at the border.

Enjoying Canadian Beef Jerky

Now that you know the rules, pack some tasty U.S.-made beef jerky to keep you fueled during your Canadian adventures. But don’t forget to sample authentic maple-flavored jerky and other local dried meats once here too. Canada makes great jerky! Just be sure to finish it before heading home.

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Can you bring dehydrated food into Canada?

Items You Can Bring Into Canada Food: Dried and packaged food (anything packaged or canned from a grocery store, basically) and cooked food (such as bread, cookies, and sandwiches).

Do you have to declare snacks at Customs Canada?

You are required by law to declare all food, plant and animal products you bring with you into Canada.

What items are prohibited to bring into Canada?

Restricted/prohibited goods Firearms and weapons: You must declare all weapons and firearms at the CBSA port of entry when you enter Canada. Food, plants, animals and related products: All food, plants, animals, and related products must be declared. Food can carry disease, such as E. coli.

Can you bring jerky into Canada reddit?

I have never declared candy or chocolate or chips or even beef jerky. They are all allowed into Canada. You’re supposed to declare ALL food, whether it’s allowed or not. The screen specifically asks if you have any food.

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