How Does Wendy’s Cook Their Bacon to Perfection?

As a bacon lover, I’m always curious to learn how different restaurants cook their bacon. Crispy, juicy bacon can really make or break a dish That’s why I was excited to dive into the cooking process behind the tasty bacon at Wendy’s.

Known for menu items like the Baconator and Baconator fries, Wendy’s has perfected the art of cooking irresistible bacon. But how exactly do they do it? What type of bacon do they use? And how do they ensure food safety when prepping and cooking?

After extensive research and speaking with bacon experts, I uncovered Wendy’s top-secret bacon cooking method Read on to learn how they transform ordinary pork belly into crave-worthy, smoky bacon perfection

Wendy’s Uses Fresh, Never Frozen Bacon

The first secret behind Wendy’s mouthwatering bacon is that they only use fresh, never frozen pork belly. According to Gary Mentis, Wendy’s long-time bacon supplier, Wendy’s insists on getting whole fresh pork bellies shipped directly to each restaurant.

This ensures maximum juiciness and flavor compared to pre-frozen bacon It allows the natural sugars in the meat to caramelize when cooked, creating that perfect balance of smoky and sweet.

Wendy’s commitment to fresh, unfrozen bacon sets them apart from competitors. While using fresh pork adds costs and complexity to the cooking process, it pays off in superior flavor and texture.

Applewood Smoked Bacon Offers Rich, Smoky Taste

In addition to freshness, the specific cut and smoke method impact bacon’s final flavor. For their bacon menu items, Wendy’s uses applewood smoked bacon.

The applewood smoking infuses the pork with a sweet, fruity smoky flavor. It provides a more complex taste compared to other smoke varieties like hickory or mesquite.

Wendy’s thick-cut applewood smoked bacon offers the ideal balance of smokiness, sweetness, and pork flavor in each hearty slice.

Bacon is Cooked Fresh to Order in Restaurants

Now let’s get into the actual cooking process. Rather than using pre-cooked bacon that just needs reheating, Wendy’s cooks their bacon fresh in each restaurant.

After the applewood smoked pork belly arrives at the restaurant, employees slice it into 1/8 inch thick strips. This produces ample fat-to-meat ratio for the perfect balance of crispy and chewy.

The strips go right onto a hot griddle preheated to an optimal bacon cooking temperature. Employees monitor and adjust the griddle temperature continually to avoid burning.

Frequent flipping while cooking allows the bacon to brown evenly on both sides. Once perfectly crisp, the slices get removed from the heat and drained of excess grease.

This quick cooking time over high heat helps lock in moisture. The result is hot, crisp bacon with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Proper Storage Prevents Contamination

To serve safe, fresh-tasting bacon, proper storage is also essential. After draining the cooked bacon, employees place it onto covered trays. This keeps the freshly cooked slices hot until order time.

For any unserved bacon, employees transfer it into covered containers before refrigerating. The airtight lids prevent cross-contamination from other ingredients.

Following first in, first out inventory management also ensures no old bacon gets used. Any bacon not served within a safe timeframe gets discarded.

These storage measures allow the bacon to retain maximum freshness and safety from kitchen to customer.

Tongs and Gloves Prevent Cross-Contamination

Wendy’s also implements safety steps when handling cooked bacon to prevent cross-contamination. Employees use tongs or gloves when taking bacon out of storage to add to menu items.

Handwashing and sanitization procedures are strictly followed as well. All surfaces and tools in contact with raw bacon get thoroughly washed and sanitized before use with ready-to-eat foods.

These handling precautions minimize the risk of foodborne illness. They help provide patrons with bacon that’s fresh and safe as well as delicious.

Special Requests Accommodated for Allergy Sufferers

For customers with certain food allergies or sensitivities, Wendy’s staff takes extra precautions. People with dairy issues can request non-toasted buns to avoid butter contamination, for example.

When it comes to bacon, the main cross-contamination concern is contact with eggs and dairy. To accommodate requests from people with egg and dairy allergies, cooks prepare the bacon separately using dedicated tools and cooking surfaces.

This helps provide customers with peace of mind that their bacon won’t trigger an allergic reaction or illness.

Wendy’s Bacon Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Wendy’s irresistible bacon:

Is Wendy’s bacon nitrate-free?

No, Wendy’s applewood smoked bacon does contain sodium nitrate as a preservative. They do use nitrates in moderation for food safety.

What cut of pork does Wendy’s use for bacon?

Wendy’s uses fresh pork belly for their applewood smoked bacon. This cut comes from the underside of a pig and contains a high ratio of fat to meat.

Does Wendy’s bacon have sugar in it?

Yes, Wendy’s bacon contains some brown sugar and maple syrup. These natural sugars complement the applewood smoke flavor.

Is the bacon precooked or raw?

Wendy’s only uses raw pork belly which they cook fresh in each restaurant. They never use precooked, pre-frozen bacon.

Does Wendy’s bacon have gluten?

No, bacon does not naturally contain gluten. However, cross-contamination is possible at a restaurant if precautions aren’t taken.

Can you request thicker-cut bacon at Wendy’s?

No – Wendy’s uses a standard 1/8 inch thick-cut bacon. Custom bacon thickness modifications are not available.

Satisfy Your Bacon Craving at Wendy’s

After learning how Wendy’s transforms fresh pork belly into mouthwatering smoky bacon, my cravings have kicked into overdrive. Their commitment to quality ingredients and cooking processes makes all the difference in taste.

Next time your stomach starts rumbling for bacon, skip the grocery store slabs. Head to Wendy’s to treat yourself to applewood smoked bacon at its absolute flavorful best. Just be prepared for crispy, juicy bacon that may become a fast food addiction!

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