How Long To Dry Egg Noodles?

An AnswerLine user inquired, “How should homemade noodles be stored?” The caller recalled how her grandmother used to prepare large quantities of homemade noodles, cut them, and then dry them between the kitchen chairs or on a clothes drying rack. The noodles were dried completely before being packaged in large tins and stored in the pantry for later use.

That was the method of yesteryear. NOT today. A fantastic resource on how simple it is to make homemade noodles and how to store them is available from the University of Illinois. Here are some excerpts from that article that specifically address the food safety of homemade noodles:

Noodles made from scratch are simple to make and a delicious addition to soups and casseroles. To eliminate any potential risks, just follow a few simple food safety recommendations.

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How to dry fresh egg noodles for storing
  1. Coat the egg noodles in flour to stop them sticking to anything, including each other. …
  2. Lay the noodles on a baking sheet or hang them up for 24-48 hours until they’re completely dry. …
  3. Store the dried egg noodles in an airtight container for 4-6 weeks.

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How long do I dry homemade egg noodles?

Fresh noodles may be dried. To avoid the growth of salmonella, they should only be allowed to hang for two hours while drying at room temperature. The drying of noodles in a food dehydrator is also possible; the recommended drying time is two to four hours at 135F.

How long should egg noodles air dry?

Noodles can be air dried in two ways: spread out in a single layer on well-floured baking sheets, or hang them up to dry for one to two hours. The dried noodles can be frozen for up to six months or kept in the refrigerator for up to two days.

How long does it take noodles to dry?

PUT PASTA OUT TO DRY You must let your pasta air dry completely. Depending on the temperature and humidity in your kitchen, this could take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours or longer.

Do you have to let homemade noodles dry before cooking?

Homemade noodles do not need to be dried before cooking; instead, they can be prepared immediately in a pot of boiling water or soup broth. Fresh noodles only take about 3 minutes to cook, though.