How Many Bushels Are in a Party Pack of Oysters?

Oysters are a popular appetizer and party food, loved for their briny flavor and texture. While oysters are often sold by the dozen or half-shell, party packs measured in bushels are a great way to buy oysters for a larger crowd. But how many bushels come in a typical party pack? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Bushel of Oysters?

A bushel is a unit of volume measurement used for dry goods and commodities like oysters. One bushel is equivalent to 64 pints or 8 gallons.

When it comes to oysters, a bushel is not an exact measurement but more of an approximation. A bushel of oysters typically weighs between 45-60 pounds and contains 100-150 oysters. However, the number of oysters in a bushel can vary quite a bit based on the size and type of oysters

Larger oysters mean fewer overall oysters in a bushel Thicker shells also reduce the number of oysters in a bushel when measured by weight The species and source of the oysters impacts size as well.

What’s Included in an Oyster Party Pack?

Party packs of oysters are designed to feed a crowd. They usually contain multiple bushels of oysters, along with some bonus items.

A typical oyster party pack includes:

  • 2-3 bushels of oysters
  • Shucking knife
  • Gloves
  • Lemons
  • Cocktail sauce
  • Mignonette sauce
  • Tabasco sauce

Some party packs may also include extras like oyster crackers, hot sauce, lemon wedges, and metal buckets or platters for serving.

The number of bushels in a party pack can vary based on the brand and where you order from. But 2-3 bushels is standard for most oyster party packs designed for large groups.

How Many Oysters in a Party Pack?

If we estimate that the average bushel contains 125 oysters, a party pack with 2 bushels would contain approximately 250 oysters.

For a party pack with 3 bushels, you can expect around 375 oysters total.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 2 bushel party pack: 250 oysters
  • 3 bushel party pack: 375 oysters

However, keep in mind these are rough estimates. The actual number of oysters in a party pack can deviate based on the size and type of oysters as we mentioned earlier.

Larger oysters would make the totals closer to 200 oysters for a 2 bushel pack and 300 for a 3 bushel pack. Smaller oysters could mean closer to 300 and 450 oysters respectively.

How Many People Will a Party Pack Feed?

When estimating how many people a party pack will feed, a good rule of thumb is to allow 6-12 oysters per person. Though some true oyster lovers may be able to put away even more!

For a 2 bushel party pack with 250 oysters, you can expect to feed:

  • 20-40 people if allowing 12 oysters per person
  • 40-60 people if allowing 6 oysters per person

For a 3 bushel party pack with 375 oysters, you can expect to feed:

  • 30-60 people if allowing 12 oysters per person
  • 60-90 people if allowing 6 oysters per person

The number of accompaniments and other foods you’re serving will also impact how far the oysters can go.

If oysters are the star of the show, plan for more oysters per person. If you’ll have a full meal or buffet, you may need fewer oysters to satisfy the crowd.

Tips for Buying an Oyster Party Pack

If you’re planning an oyster feast for a large group, keep these tips in mind when purchasing a party pack:

  • Choose a reputable seller and check reviews. Quality can vary.
  • Buy from a local oyster producer if possible. The freshest oysters will taste best.
  • Have plenty of ice on hand to keep oysters chilled before and during the party.
  • Order early to ensure availability. Oysters are in high demand for catering.
  • Overestimate if unsure. Running out of oysters would be a party foul!
  • Buy some extra lemons, cocktail sauce and mignonette to supplement what’s included.

Time to Shuck and Party!

With 2-3 bushels of oysters and all the sauces andfixings, an oyster party pack has everything you need to host a great shindig. Figure about 6-12 oysters per person, and order a few extra bushels if you want to be on the safe side.

Just add guests, some chilled drinks, and get shucking! An oyster feast with friends and family is one of the best ways to celebrate any occasion.

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How many oysters are in a party pack?

Oyster Types
Sea Sirens, Ichabod Flats, Nauti Pilgrims
50, 100

How many oysters are in a bushel bag?

Depending on the species and location of oysters, one bushel typically has 100 oysters, which feeds approximately four to six people.

How many people will a party pack of oysters feed?

A bushel of oysters will typically feed 4-6 people. If your guests are heavy oyster eaters, or if you will not be serving other food, you probably want to do 1 bushel for every 4 people. If your guests are light oyster eaters, or you are serving other food, you should be fine with 1 bushel for every 6-8 oyster eaters.

How much is 1 bushel of oysters?

Originally Answered: How big is a bushel of oysters? Well, there are 4 pecks in a bushel, and about 9 quarts in a peck, so a bushel is 36 quarts, or 9 gallons.

How many oysters are in a bushel?

Typically, a bushel of oysters will weigh between 45 and 60 pounds. Within this, you will usually find around 100 to 150 oysters. However, the number of oysters in a bushel can vary depending on the size of the oysters. The bigger the oysters, the fewer there may be. There is no exact number of oysters in a bushel but some can feed up to 16 people.

How many bushels of oysters are in a peck?

One US bushel is equal to 2150.42 cubic inches while one Imperial bushel is equal to 2219.46 cubic inches. The sizes of these raw oysters vary depending on their species and location. Generally speaking, there are around 100 oysters per bushel in the US or 25 per peck. How many bushels of oysters can you feed per person?

How many people can a bushel of oysters feed?

On average, a bushel of oysters should feed between four to six people. However, some bushels can feed far more depending on their size. One bushel of oysters may feed one person but this would have to be over a few sittings.

How many oysters should a party eat?

Oysters should come out in batches if you’re at a social gathering. As long as they are stored in a cool place, a party of six should continue to eat a bushel of oysters easily throughout the evening. Of course, on occasions, a bushel will contain fewer oysters than another. However, the weight should always be similar.

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