How to Freeze and Store Cooked Beef Tenderloin Perfectly

Beef tenderloin is a luxurious, tender cut of beef that is delicious when prepared for a special occasion. However tenderloin is an expensive cut of meat. If you have leftovers after cooking tenderloin you’ll want to freeze the extra meat properly so none of it goes to waste.

Freezing cooked beef tenderloin allows you to enjoy this premium cut again later without losing quality or taste. Follow this simple guide for freezing beef tenderloin like a pro.

Can You Freeze Cooked Beef Tenderloin?

Absolutely! Beef tenderloin freezes beautifully as long as you take a few precautions. The tenderloin comes from a part of the cow that doesn’t get much exercise, so the meat has very little connective tissue. This makes tenderloin incredibly tender, but also more prone to drying out.

As long as you freeze the cooked tenderloin correctly, it will retain moisture and flavor for 2-3 months in the freezer.

Here are some freezing tips to remember

  • Freeze tenderloin as soon as it cools after cooking Leaving it in the fridge can lead to moisture loss,

  • Portion tenderloin into meal-sized servings before freezing. This prevents repeated thawing and refreezing.

  • Protect tenderloin from freezer burn by using airtight packaging. Freezer burn can cause dry, stringy meat.

  • Label packages with contents and date before freezing. Track how long meat has been frozen.

  • Defrost tenderloin in the fridge, never at room temp. Slow defrosting prevents moisture loss.

Follow these guidelines and your frozen beef tenderloin will taste freshly-cooked when you thaw it out!

How to Freeze Whole Cooked Tenderloin

Freezing a whole cooked tenderloin is simple:

Step 1: Cool

After roasting or grilling the tenderloin, let it cool completely, about 30 minutes. Avoid freezing meat when it’s still hot.

Step 2: Wrap Tightly

Wrap the entire tenderloin very tightly in two layers of plastic wrap, pressing out all air.

Step 3: Bag

Place wrapped tenderloin in freezer bag, seal, and press out remaining air.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label bag with cut, weight, and freeze date. Freeze immediately.

When ready to use, thaw tenderloin still wrapped in fridge overnight. Unwrap, slice, and reheat gently in oven or skillet.

How to Freeze Cooked Tenderloin Slices

For easier portioning, slice cooked tenderloin before freezing:

Step 1: Slice

After cooking, let tenderloin cool completely then cut into 1/2 inch slices.

Step 2: Portion

Divide sliced meat into meal-size portions. Place 2-3 slices per freezer bag.

Step 3: Seal

Put portions in freezer bags. Press out air and seal bags tightly.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label with contents, quantity, and freeze date. Freeze bags flat.

To use, defrost only needed portions in fridge overnight. Reheat slices in microwave or skillet.

How to Freeze Leftover Roast Tenderloin

Leftovers from a whole roasted tenderloin freeze beautifully:

Step 1: Carve

Carve any remaining cooked meat off the bone. Discard bone, fat, etc.

Step 2: Portion

Cut meat into individual serving sizes, about 4-6 oz each.

Step 3: Bag

Put each portion into a freezer bag. Remove air and seal bag.

Step 4: Label and Freeze

Label each bag with content, weight, and freeze date. Freeze immediately.

Defrost roast tenderloin portions as needed in the refrigerator before reheating gently in the oven or microwave.

How Long Does Cooked Tenderloin Last in the Freezer?

Cooked beef tenderloin will maintain quality in the freezer for 2-3 months. After that, the texture may become stringy or dry when thawed.

To preserve freshness, freeze tenderloin as soon as possible after cooking. Portion into quantity needed per meal so none gets refrozen after thawing.

Properly sealed and stored, frozen cooked tenderloin will stay moist and tender for a few months.

Can You Refreeze Thawed Beef Tenderloin?

Previously frozen tenderloin should not be refrozen after thawing. Refreezing often causes meat to become dry and tough.

Only thaw as much cooked tenderloin as you plan to eat within a few days. Either cook thawed meat immediately or store in fridge just 1-2 days before eating.

Do not refreeze any raw tenderloin that was thawed but not used. Cook it immediately instead.

Always thaw frozen cooked beef in the refrigerator, never at room temperature. This helps tenderloin retain moisture and texture.

Tips for Freezing Tenderloin

Follow these pro tips when freezing cooked beef tenderloin:

  • Chill meat thoroughly before freezing. Freezing hot meat can make it tough.

  • Wrap first in plastic wrap, then foil, then a freezer bag. This prevents freezer burn.

  • Portion tenderloin into meal-sized servings based on final use.

  • Flatten bags of frozen meat to freeze evenly and maximize space.

  • Avoid seasonings that may turn mealy when frozen, like breadcrumbs or cornstarch.

  • Label everything carefully with contents, quantity, and freeze date.

  • Defrost frozen meat for 24-36 hours in the refrigerator, never on the counter.

  • Use thawed tenderloin within 3-4 days for best quality and food safety.

How to Use Frozen Cooked Tenderloin

Thawed beef tenderloin retains its tenderness and juiciness, making it easy to use in various dishes:

  • Roast sliced tenderloin briefly in the oven to reheat.

  • Braise thawed medallions in sauce for a quick weeknight dinner.

  • Chop frozen pieces to add to pasta, rice bowls, or stir fries.

  • Bread and pan-fry thawed slices for escalopes, sandwiches, or beef stroganoff.

  • Dice tenderloin to make a hearty beef and vegetable soup.

  • Grill thawed slices quickly for fajitas or skewers with vegetables.

Frozen cooked tenderloin performs just like fresh when you defrost it properly. Get creative with this versatile cut!

Perfectly Cooked Tenderloin Any Time

Beef tenderloin is too good not to enjoy to the very last bite. Follow this foolproof method for freezing cooked tenderloin and you’ll always have this melt-in-your-mouth cut ready when you’re craving it.

With proper freezing and storage, you can keep cooked tenderloin tasting freshly grilled or roasted for months. Freezing preserves the tender texture and luxurious flavor of this special cut. Soon you’ll be grabbing frozen tenderloin as often as ground beef for speedy, satisfying meals!

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Can I freeze leftover cooked beef tenderloin?

Remember that the temperature will rise a few more degrees as the meat rests, so it’s best to remove it from the heat just before it reaches your desired temperature. Can I freeze leftover cooked beef tenderloin? Yes, you can freeze leftover cooked beef tenderloin.

Does freezing beef tenderloin affect the taste?

“While fresh, never-frozen beef of varying aging times resulted in a juicier product, the previously frozen product was more tender,” Beyer said. “Ultimately, freezing beef does not positively or negatively impact the (consumer’s) overall liking of a steak.”

How to freeze cooked filet mignon?

Your best bet is to use a vacuum sealer to keep juices locked in and air out. However, these machines can be expensive. An alternative method is to wrap the steak leftovers in freezer paper, which is a thick, coated plastic paper that can lock in moisture and keep air away.

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