How to Say “Ham and Cheese Croissant” in French: A Helpful Guide

Croissants are an iconic French pastry enjoyed by people around the world. When you’re in France and want to order a ham and cheese croissant, it’s important to know the proper terminology. In this guide we’ll provide the formal and informal ways to say “ham and cheese croissant” in French, along with pronunciation tips, examples and helpful phrases to use when placing your order.

Formal Way to Say It

In formal French, “ham and cheese croissant” is:

“Un croissant au jambon et fromage” (pronounced uhn kwah-sahñ oh zhahñ-bohn ay froh-mahzh)

This translates literally to “a croissant with ham and cheese” The formal phrasing uses the complete word for ham (“jambon”) instead of the shortened “jambon” used informally, It’s the proper way to order at a bakery or restaurant

Informal Way to Say It

The informal way to say “ham and cheese croissant” in French is:

“Un croissant jambon-fromage” (pronounced: uhn kwah-sahñ zhahñ-bohn froh-mahzh)

Here, “jambon” is used instead of “jambon” and the words are blended together a bit more than formally. This relaxed phrasing is fine for casual settings among friends.

Tips for Ordering It

Here are some tips to help you smoothly order a ham and cheese croissant in French:

  • Practice pronouncing the phrases out loud before ordering. French pronunciation can be tricky.

  • Use polite language like “s’il vous plaît” (please) and “merci” (thank you).

  • Gesture or point to croissants at the counter if needed.

  • Specify if you want your croissant heated – “chaud” (hot) or “tiède” (warm).

  • Request any other preferences like “beurre” (butter) or “confiture” (jam).

Example Dialogues

Here are two examples of ordering a ham and cheese croissant in French:

Garçon: “Bonjour, que voulez-vous commander ?”
You: “Bonjour, je voudrais un croissant au jambon et fromage s’il vous plaît.”

You: “Salut, est-ce que je peux avoir un croissant jambon-fromage?”
Server: “Bien sûr, voilà pour vous!”

Helpful Related Phrases

  • Hot croissant = croissant chaud
  • Toasted croissant = croissant grillé
  • Extra butter = plus de beurre
  • Anything else? = autre chose ?
  • That’s all = c’est tout
  • Thank you = merci

Regional Differences

There are some small regional differences in how to say “ham and cheese croissant” in French:

  • In Quebec, “croissant” is often shortened to “croissante.”

  • In Southern France, “pain au chocolat” may be used instead of “croissant.”

However, the above phrases will be understood throughout the French-speaking world.

Being able to properly order a tasty ham and cheese croissant is an important French culinary experience. Use the formal “un croissant au jambon et fromage” or the informal “un croissant jambon-fromage” based on the situation. Listen to native pronunciations, use polite language, and feel free to specify how you want your croissant prepared. With this guide, you can now confidently order this French pastry delight! Bon appétit!

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What is the name of the ham and cheese croissant?

A croque monsieur (French pronunciation: [kʁɔk məsjø]) is a hot sandwich made with ham and cheese. The name comes from the French words croque (“crunch”) and monsieur (“gentleman”).

Do they have ham and cheese croissants in France?

TOP 10 BEST Ham and Cheese Croissant in Paris, France – Updated 2024 – Yelp.

Is croissant in French M or F?

croissant {masculine} Les jeunes du Croissant-Rouge au Bangladesh participent à la campagne d’élimination de la polio.

How do you translate croissant?

The croissant gets its name from its shape: in French, the word means “crescent” or “crescent of the moon.” The Austrian pastry known as a Kipferl is the croissant’s ancestor—in the 1830s, an Austrian opened a Viennese bakery in Paris, which became extremely popular and inspired French versions of the Kipferi, …

What is a ham & cheese Croissant?

Croissants are light and flaky; almost pastry-like. Croissants are French rolls that are often eaten alone, but can also be used as bread for a sandwich. Ham and cheese croissants provide a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, but can be high in calories.

How to toast a ham and cheese Croissant?

Toasting a ham and cheese croissant is easy and only takes a few minutes. First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Then, take a ham and cheese croissant and slice it in half. Next, Spread some butter on each half of the croissant. Finally, place the croissant in the oven and bake for 5-7 minutes or until the croissant is golden brown.

Are ham & cheese croissants skimpy?

Food Stylist: Laurie Ellen Pellicano. The amount of ham and cheese inside these croissants might seem a tad skimpy, but resist the urge to add more. The extra moisture from the filling can make the interior soggy and affect how the dough rises, so rest assured it’s more than enough to flavor these savory pastries.

Are Ham and cheese croissants healthy?

Both croissants and cheese are high in fat, and as a result, a 4.2-oz. ham and cheese croissant contains 18 g of fat. Of this fat, 10 g comes from saturated fat. The USDA suggests limiting saturated fat intake to 10 percent of your calories, as it is less healthy than other types of fat. Ham and cheese croissants are rich in carbohydrates.

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