Where to Buy Johnston County Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham

Johnston County spiral sliced smoked ham is a delicious ready-to-eat ham produced by Smithfield in Smithfield, North Carolina Known for its distinctive spiral cut, smoky flavor, and signature honey glaze, Johnston County ham has become a staple for holiday meals and family gatherings across the country But where can you buy this popular smoked ham?

In this article we’ll cover where to find Johnston County spiral sliced smoked ham across grocery stores wholesale clubs, online retailers, and direct from the producer. With its widespread availability, you’re sure to find this honey-glazed ham to grace your table.

Buying Johnston County Ham at Grocery Stores

Johnston County spiral sliced smoked ham is carried at most major grocery store chains across the United States. Here are some of the top grocers to check when looking for this ham:

  • Kroger – Kroger and its banner stores like Ralphs and Harris Teeter often stock Johnston County ham around the holidays. Find it on the refrigerated wall of the deli section.

  • Publix – Publix delis carry Johnston County ham year-round. You’ll find it spiral sliced and glazed near the other packaged deli meats.

  • Wegmans – Wegmans sells Johnston County ham in the refrigerated deli section or pre-sliced at the service counter upon request.

  • Giant, Stop & Shop, Food Lion – These East Coast grocery chains regularly stock Johnston County ham, especially around Easter and Christmas.

  • HEB – The Texas-based chain HEB sells Johnston County ham at its deli counters and in pre-packaged refrigerated sections.

  • WinCo, Price Chopper, Hy-Vee – Other regional grocers like these also carry Johnston County ham. Check the packaged deli wall or ask the butcher.

Purchasing at Wholesale Clubs

For buying Johnston County ham in bulk, wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are great options. Here you can find whole smoked hams as well as pre-sliced and glazed:

  • Costco – Costco often stocks whole 13 lb Johnston County hams around holidays. They also carry the pre-sliced spiral hams year-round.

  • Sam’s Club – Sam’s Club sells Johnston County hams under its Member’s Mark brand. Grab a whole ham or pre-sliced portions.

  • BJ’s – BJ’s deli stocks Johnston County spiral sliced smoked ham in smaller 1 lb packages, perfect for smaller households.

At these clubs, you can stock up on Johnston County ham at a discount for holiday meals and entertaining. The pre-sliced hams make easy weeknight dinners too.

Ordering Online

Can’t find Johnston County ham locally? Ordering online is a convenient option, with shipping right to your door.

  • Amazon – Prime members can get Johnston County ham delivered through AmazonFresh grocery service, where available. Prime Pantry also stocks the ham.

  • Instacart – Order Johnston County ham for delivery from local grocery stores via Instacart. Find stores in your area that carry the ham.

  • Walmart – Walmart.com has Johnston County spiral smoked ham available for delivery or in-store pickup where carried.

  • Jet, Boxed – Other online markets like these allow you to easily order Johnston County ham online.

Direct from the Producer

For the freshest ham, you can order Johnston County spiral sliced smoked ham directly from Smithfield:

  • Smithfield website – Order hams, sausages, bacon and more straight from Smithfield on their online store for delivery.

  • Smithfield store locator – Find a Smithfield brick-and-mortar store near you to buy Johnston County ham and other Smithfield products in person.

Buying direct from the source ensures you’re getting authentic Johnston County ham and supporting the producers.

Tips for Buying Johnston County Ham

  • Look for the signature Johnston County label to ensure authenticity.

  • Check the ingredients to verify the ham is exclusively from Johnston County, North Carolina.

  • For less waste, buy in portions to match your needs rather than one large ham.

  • Calculate about 0.5 lb of ham per person when estimating how much to buy.

  • For maximum freshness, cook smoked ham within 2 weeks of opening the package.

Enjoy This Iconic Southern Ham

With its deep smoky flavor, honey glaze, and perfect spiral cut, Johnston County ham is a treat any time of year. Follow this guide to track down this acclaimed cured ham at a grocery store, club warehouse, or online retailer near you. Or go straight to the source for authentic Johnston County ham shipped right to your home.

Johnston County Ham Mail Order


What happened to Johnston County hams?

Johnston County Ham Listeria Recall of Smithfield, North Carolina issued a recall of ham products for potential contamination with Listeria bacteria. The recalled products, produced from April 3, 2017, through October 2, 2018, had the establishment number “EST. M2646” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

Does Aldi’s sell spiral ham?

Appleton Farms spiral sliced honey ham are sure to impress! Fully cooked so all you have to do is heat and it’s ready to eat, a spiral sliced ham is your sweet secret weapon for your next family gathering. Why spend time carving your centerpiece when you could be enjoying your signature drink?!

What brand spiral ham does Costco sell?

Enter your delivery ZIP code and browse items available in your delivery area. Is this your Delivery Zip Code? If not, change your Delivery Zip Code to browse items available in your area.

Is Costco spiral-cut ham good?

I will say, the ham turned out pretty delicious—and my family members agreed. It was extremely moist, tender and flavorful. The glaze added a nice sweetness and a little texture.

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