can you eat raw salmon from publix

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Salmon from Publix?

Sushi and sashimi lovers often wonder – can you safely eat raw salmon from the grocery store? Well, if it’s from a reputable retailer like Publix then the answer is yes! But there are some important factors to consider before consuming raw salmon purchased at a regular supermarket like Publix.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key facts on the safety of consuming raw salmon from Publix. You’ll learn about

  • What “sushi-grade” really means and if Publix salmon qualifies
  • The importance of proper freezing to kill parasites
  • How Publix ensures salmon quality and sustainability
  • Safest ways to prepare raw salmon from Publix at home
  • Delicious raw salmon recipe ideas with Publix fish

Let’s start with the most pressing question – is raw salmon sold at Publix safe to eat?

Is Raw Salmon from Publix Safe to Eat?

The short answer is yes, raw salmon from Publix is safe to consume, with a few caveats.

Publix does sell high-quality sushi and sashimi-grade salmon fillets that are designated as safe for eating raw. However, it’s crucial to check that the salmon is marked as “previously frozen” or “sushi-grade” before consuming raw.

Raw salmon has the risk of containing parasites, so freezing first is vital. Freezing at the proper cold temperature and duration kills any parasites that may be present in the fish. Let’s take a closer look at what “sushi-grade” means when it comes to raw fish safety.

What Does Sushi-Grade Mean for Raw Salmon?

You’ll often see the term “sushi-grade” used to describe raw fish suitable for eating uncooked. But what does this term really entail?

The label “sushi-grade” is not regulated or enforced by any agency. Rather, it’s up to each grocery store to determine if they consider their raw seafood ready for sushi and sashimi preparation.

For a retailer like Publix to label salmon as sushi-grade, they need to follow certain best practices. This includes proper handling, storage at cool temperatures, and rapid freezing to required cold temps.

However, sushi-grade alone does not guarantee safety or quality. Check for proof that the salmon has been previously frozen before consuming raw. Let’s look closer at why freezing is so important.

Why Proper Freezing is Vital for Raw Salmon

Freezing salmon is a crucial safety step before eating raw because it destroys any parasites that may be present. However, the freezing method matters.

To make raw salmon safe, it must be flash frozen solid at a temperature of -31°F (-35°C) or below. This extreme cold effectively kills parasites. The salmon also must have been fresh when initially frozen.

When buying raw salmon from Publix for sushi, always confirm it is labeled as previouly frozen and ask how it was frozen if in doubt. Proper freezing, thawing and handling prevents illness from parasites.

Can You Trust the Quality of Publix’s Salmon?

When it comes to supply chain, sourcing, and quality control, Publix takes extensive measures to bring customers safe and sustainable salmon.

Publix complies with regulatory agencies and state laws covering its seafood facilities and products. This includes safety procedures for handling, sanitation, storage and more.

Additionally, Publix focuses on providing sustainable salmon sources. They work with organizations like the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) on improvement projects.

Publix was the first U.S. retailer to join the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) to promote transparent seafood supply chains. They also exclusively sell Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse land-raised salmon harvested in the U.S. using eco-friendly practices.

Overall, Publix has excellent standards in place to supply high-quality and responsibly-sourced salmon.

Safest Ways to Prepare Publix’s Raw Salmon at Home

To safely enjoy raw salmon from Publix at home, follow these food prep guidelines:

  • Keep the salmon refrigerated until just before use. Defrost frozen salmon overnight in the fridge if needed.

  • Using a sanitized fillet knife, carefully trim skin and slice salmon into thin sashimi pieces. Rinse if desired.

  • Pat salmon dry with paper towels and brush lightly with rice vinegar. This helps kill bacteria.

  • Work on clean surfaces with sanitize utensils. Avoid cross-contamination.

  • Chill prepared salmon sashimi by covering tightly and refrigerating until ready to serve.

Following proper food safety practices at home prevents illness when eating raw seafood.

Delicious Raw Salmon Recipes with Publix Fish

When high-quality salmon from Publix is handled safely, it really shines in raw preparations like:

  • Salmon sashimi – Thin slices served with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger and rice

  • Poke bowls – Cubed raw salmon mixed with veggies, sauces, and rice

  • Salmon tartare – Finely diced salmon dressed simply with lemon, capers, onion

  • Gravlax – Cured raw salmon with salt, sugar, and dill

  • Salmon carpaccio – Thinly sliced salmon drizzled with olive oil and microgreens

  • Ceviche – “Cooked” in citrus juice, paired with avocado and corn

The next time your sushi craving strikes, head to Publix for quality salmon to enjoy raw at home. Just be diligent about verifying the salmon was previously frozen before consuming. With proper handling, Publix’s salmon makes for delicious and safe sashimi creations.

What Types Of Fresh and Frozen Salmon Can You Eat Raw? Walmart? Whole Foods?


Is it safe to eat raw salmon from a supermarket?

It’s not a good idea to eat raw, wild-caught salmon unless you know it’s been flash-frozen first. Farm-raised salmon, especially fish that have been flash frozen, are your best bet for eating raw sushi that you bought at the grocery store.

Can I just eat raw salmon from the store?

Raw Salmon Risks You Should Know Raw or undercooked salmon can be contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and other disease-causing agents. For this reason, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommends cooking all seafood until it reaches an internal temperature of 145°F.

Where does Publix get their fresh salmon?

Fresh fish are sourced from prime locations around the world, such as cod from Iceland, salmon from Chile, and grouper from Florida. Fish from around the world are flown in, packed and sorted quickly, and shipped straight to our stores.

How long is fresh salmon from Publix good for?

Once you get home, get the fish into the refrigerator as soon as possible and plan to use it within one to two days. After fresh fish is cooked, you’ll have a little longer to use those leftovers: three to four days.

Can you eat salmon Raw from a grocery store?

Yes, you can eat salmon raw from high-quality grocery stores if it’s been previously frozen. “Sushi grade” doesn’t have a legal definition. It’s simply up to the grocery store to say if something is safe to eat raw. But salmon can contain parasites, so buying previously frozen ensures any parasites are killed.

Does Publix sell frozen salmon?

Just pick one up and pop it in the oven. Available July through September. And rest assured, if you’re craving wild salmon out of season, you can pick up our frozen Alaskan sockeye and coho salmon all year round. Find out more about our Summer of Salmon selection at Publix Super Markets.

Can you eat raw salmon if it is not frozen?

Many people eat raw salmon. However, raw salmon, not previously frozen may contain parasites. It can also contain bacteria that will not be killed by having been frozen. Cooking salmon to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit kills bacteria and parasites. The FDA lists wild salmon as a known source of parasites.

Can you eat raw fish from the grocery store?

While deep-freezing will kill the parasites, it won’t kill any bacteria that may be present. So, once it thaws, bacteria will again become active, eventually causing food poisoning, if it was in the fish in the first place. Buying super-fresh fish from a reputable store helps reduce this risk. So yes, you can eat raw fish from the grocery store.

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