Does Hormel Still Make Ham Patties?

Hormel ham patties have been a beloved convenience food for generations. Their familiar round shape and salty, smoky flavor takes many people back to childhood. But with changing tastes and shifting priorities in the food industry, some loyal fans wonder if Hormel still makes these nostalgic ham patties today.

The short answer is yes – Hormel does still produce their classic canned ham patties along with some new varieties. However, they can be harder to find in stores compared to the old days Here’s a look at the past, present and future of Hormel’s famous ham patties

A Brief History of Hormel Ham Patties

Hormel Foods Corporation first introduced their canned ham patties in 1926. The early patties were made from chopped and formed smoked ham and touted as an easy to prepare meat for sandwiches and meals. Advertisements boasted that the patties took just minutes to heat and serve.

The familiar round shape, smoky processed ham flavor and convenience made the patties a hit. For decades they were a lunchroom and dinnertime staple across America. Several generations have nostalgic memories of Hormel ham patties.

Over the years, Hormel expanded the line to include different sizes and versions like diced ham patties and patties with cheeses. However, the classic original recipe smoked ham patties remained the most popular.

Do They Still Make the Original Ham Patties Today?

The good news for ham patty loyalists is yes Hormel still produces the original flavor smoked ham patties today. They remain a staple in the canned meat section of many grocery stores.

However, they are not as ubiquitous as they once were. While shoppers used to see piles of Hormel ham cans in every market, the patties have lost shelf space to changing tastes and food trends. Still, they remain in production and available for purchase.

Fans of the original can find the familiar blue cans containing six brownish-pink smoked ham patties made from chopped and formed ham. A quick check of major grocery chains shows wide availability of the vintage canned ham patties. Most stores carry the original version right along newer varieties.

What New Ham Patty Options Exist?

While the classic canned ham patties remain in production, Hormel has introduced some new versions over the years to appeal to modern tastes. These include:

  • Lower sodium patties – Contain 30% less sodium than the original. A health-conscious option.

  • Ham and cheese patties – Ham patties with meltable American cheese inside.

  • Premium ham patties – Made from higher quality smoked ham with no MSG.

  • Ham steak patties – Formed from sliced ham instead of chopped ham.

  • Thicker ham patties – 1/4 pound patties compared to the traditional 1/8 pound size.

  • Diced ham patties – Patties formed from diced ham instead of chopped and formed ham.

  • Single-serve pouches – Contain two 1/4 pound ham patties in a microwavable pouch.

These alternatives provide more size, flavor and ingredient options compared to the one original recipe. However, the classic 1/8 pound smoked ham patties remain a staple of the product line.

Why are Ham Patties Less Common Today?

There are a few reasons why Hormel ham patties seem less ubiquitous today compared to their peak popularity in the 1950s-1970s:

  • Less demand – Changing nutrition habits and a shift away from canned and processed meats. Ham patties are high in fat and sodium.

  • More competition – Growth of alternative convenient protein options like refrigerated pre-cooked meats, frozen meals, and shelf-stable tuna/chicken pouches.

  • Grocery downsizing – Less overall shelf space devoted to canned and shelf-stable meats compared to past decades.

  • Store prioritization – Shelf space allotted more to new ham patty varieties than the original.

However, while ham patties are less common, the classic product still has a loyal customer base who continue to enjoy this vintage convenient food.

Will Hormel Discontinue Ham Patties?

There are no signs that Hormel plans to discontinue their famous canned ham patties anytime soon. While the category faces challenges, the patties remain one of Hormel’s most iconic and nostalgic products. Hormel’s own website prominently features canned ham, touting it as a classic.

It seems unlikely Hormel would get rid of a beloved product with over 90 years of history. The company knows generations grew up on ham patties and still wish to enjoy them today. As long as demand exists, Hormel will likely continue supplying canned ham patties to faithful fans.

Finding Hormel Ham Patties in Stores

While ham patties may get less display space today, the product remains available at most major supermarkets. Here are some tips for locating Hormel ham patties:

  • Check the canned meat section – Look near the Spam, deviled ham, and corned beef hash. Popular varieties like the original and lower sodium are most likely to be in stock.

  • Search the Hormel shelf section – Look for the shelves with other Hormel canned meats like chili and pork shoulder. Ham patties may be stocked there.

  • Ask at the in-store butcher counter – Butchers can check inventory and place special orders for you.

  • Talk to store managers – Managers may be willing to stock or special order ham patties for regular shoppers.

  • Shop at warehouse clubs – Big box stores emphasize shelf-stable foods and may have a wider ham patty selection.

  • Buy online – Check retailer websites that may have more online selection than in-store. Opt for in-store pickup.

  • Order direct from Hormel – Hormel’s online store has a wider selection that can be shipped direct.

With some sleuthing skills, fans can still find beloved Hormel ham patties to enjoy. Don’t give up searching – they are out there!

Are Ham Patties Still Good Tasting and Quality?

Fortunately, reviews and taste tests suggest the quality and flavor of modern Hormel canned ham patties remains quite similar to vintage versions. While the ingredients and nutrition have evolved slightly over the decades, the essential ham patty experience appears unchanged.

Many confirm the patties still have that familiar mild ham and smoky flavor. The texture is still soft and easy to bite and chew. Hormel seems committed to preserving the original ham patty appeal even amidst modern upgrades.

Some do say the more health-conscious versions like lower sodium patties sacrifice a bit of taste. There are also complaints about smaller patty sizes compared to the past. But the core classic patties deliver the same nostalgic flavors.

Uses for Ham Patties Today

While ham patties were once an everyday canned meat, nowadays they often fill a more special role in people’s kitchens. Here are some popular ways modern fans enjoy ham patties:

  • Breakfast sandwiches – An egg and ham patty still makes a quick hearty breakfast.

  • Salads and greens – Sliced ham patties pair well with leafy greens and vegetables.

  • Special occasion meals – Serves as an easy protein side for holidays, parties, reunions, etc.

  • Snacks and appetizers – Slices make quick high-protein snacks or appetizer crackers.

  • Ham patty sandwiches – Quick no-fuss sandwiches just like school lunch days.

  • Ham patty pizzas – Top pizzas with patties for an easy weeknight meal.

  • Simple side dishes – Mix in diced ham patties to things like macaroni and cheese and rice dishes.

  • Fried rice – Diced ham patties can flavor and bulk up fried rice.

The possibilities are endless! Ham patties add protein, flavor, and convenience to all kinds of foods.

The Future of Ham Patties

What does the future hold for Hormel’s famous ham patties? If the past 90+ years are any indication, ham patties are here to stay in some form.

While the overall category faces headwinds, the product occupies a unique place of nostalgia and convenience that can’t easily be replicated. Ham patties still answer consumer needs for quick protein, familiar flavors, versatility and ease.

Look for Hormel to continue innovating with more sizes, flavors and packaging like microwavable bowls. But the traditional canned smoked ham patties seem poised to keep delighting fans for generations to come.

Hormel does still make their iconic ham patties today. While the product has lost some shelf space compared to its heyday, the original canned smoked ham patties remain in production along with some new varieties. Loyal fans may need to search a bit harder and be flexible to change, but with some effort they can still enjoy this cherished convenient classic.

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