How Many Weight Watchers Points in Ham? A Guide to Tracking Your Favorite Meat

Ham is a staple at many holiday gatherings and Sunday dinners. But if you’re following Weight Watchers, you may be wondering how many points are in ham? The answer depends on a few factors. In this guide, we’ll break down the Weight Watchers points for different types of ham and provide tips for enjoying this tasty meat while sticking to your plan.

An Overview of Weight Watchers Points

First, a quick refresher on how Weight Watchers points work. The current Freestyle program assigns a SmartPoints value to foods based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. Foods higher in lean protein and fiber have lower points.

You’re allotted a daily and weekly SmartPoints budget to spend however you want. The zero-point foods list lets you eat certain veggies, fruits, proteins and whole grains without tracking points. Any SmartPoints unused rollover to your weeklies balance.

Tracking points for everything you eat keeps you accountable and conscious of portions. So when planning ham meals, it’s important to know the point values.

Factors That Affect Ham’s Points

Several factors impact how many Weight Watchers points are in a serving of ham:

  • Type of ham – Fresh, cured, smoked, or processed ham can vary in points.

  • Preparation – Glazed, roasted, and seasoned ham tends to be higher in points.

  • Portion size – Points scale up with larger servings.

  • Fat content – Fattier cuts or brands have more points.

  • Additions – Condiments, sauces, and sides add to the points total.

To get an accurate SmartPoints value, check labels or the WW app when possible. Generic databases may not match perfectly.

Weight Watchers Points for Popular Ham Types

Here are the common SmartPoints values for 3 ounces of different ham varieties:

  • Fresh ham: 4 points
  • Smoked ham: 2 points
  • Honey baked ham: 3 points
  • Spiral cut ham: 3 points
  • Black forest ham: 2 points
  • Prosciutto: 2 points

As you can see, smoked ham and prosciutto are lower in points, while honey baked and spiral hams are moderate. Glazes and cures impact points, so check labels.

Serving Size Matters

Portion control is key when tracking Weight Watchers points. A 3 ounce serving is a good reference point:

  • 3 ounces is about the size of a deck of cards
  • Equals 2 thin deli slices or 1 thick hand-cut slice
  • Provides 20-25 grams of protein

To keep portions accurate

  • Weigh ham slices with a food scale
  • Measure thicker pieces before cutting
  • Stick to single servings for sliced ham
  • Divide ham chunks into proper amounts

Controlling portions is an important lifelong habit for weight management.

Smart Ham Recipes for Weight Watchers

You can absolutely enjoy ham on Weight Watchers as long as you budget points appropriately. Here are some smart recipes:

  • Ham and Veggie Frittata – Eggs, ham, spinach and cheese come together deliciously in this 2 point breakfast.

  • Split Pea and Ham Soup – Simmer ham hock, veggies and split peas for a hearty, cozy soup with just 2 points per bowl.

  • Ham Salad Lettuce Wraps – Chop ham and mix with mustard, Greek yogurt, celery and pickle relish for a fresh, flavorful 3 point wrap.

  • Broccoli Cheese Ham Pasta – Toss ham chunks with broccoli, whole wheat pasta and light cheese sauce for a 5 point dinner.

  • Ham and Potato Casserole – Layer potatoes, ham, onion, peppers and cheese then bake until bubbly for a 7 point meal.

With some creative recipes, you can enjoy ham’s savory flavor while still losing weight.

Tips for Points-Smart Ham Eating

Here are some tips for keeping ham within your daily SmartPoints budget:

  • Choose lower-point smoked or thin sliced ham

  • Measure portions accurately using a food scale

  • Round up fractional points for better tracking

  • Balance higher-point ham with lots of zero-point foods

  • Avoid glazed or honey-baked ham if watching sugar points

  • Opt for mustard over mayo or butter as a sandwich spread

  • Drink water with meals to feel full on less ham

  • Save some ham for next day omelets, salads or soups

With good planning, you can savor ham without sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Enjoy Ham in Moderation on Weight Watchers

Ham can absolutely be part of a healthy Weight Watchers diet. By understanding SmartPoints values, controlling portions, and balancing it out with lower-point foods, you can indulge wisely.

Use this guide to make informed choices when buying and serving ham. And as always, slow and steady progress through sustainable lifestyle changes leads to the best long-term results. With smart ham eating and an overall balanced diet, you can eat what you love and reach your weight loss goals.

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points


How many points are meats on Weight Watchers?

PointsPlus value
Trimmed sirloin
3 oz
Lean flank steak
3 oz
3 oz
Trimmed T-bone
3 oz

How many weight Watcher points is honey?

No matter the type of honey, it still has 2 Points per teaspoon. What is it? Produced from agave plants, Mexico’s famous succulent used to make tequila, agave nectar is one and a half times sweeter than sugar, so you can use less. It’s popular as a vegan alternative to honey in cooking.

How many zero point foods can you eat a day on Weight Watchers?

That’s right – you can eat as much as you want and not track a point! Weight Watchers purposefully makes a ton of foods zero points – and for good reason: it’s fruits and vegetables! Specifically non-starchy vegetables.

How many points is a slice of bacon?

include bacon they’re counting it as one point per slice.

How much ham can you eat on Weight Watchers?

For 1 point you can have a 25-g slice of chicken, turkey or beef. This is 10 g less than the amount of ham you are allowed for the same number of points. According to Weight Watchers, the values for wafer-thin ham, chicken and turkey are the same, at ½ point for 30 g.

How many Weight Watchers points are in a crock pot Ham?

According to the Weight Watchers App, 1 ounce of cooked lean ham, including ham steak and honey or black forest ham, has 1 Point. You can have 3 ounces of extra-lean ham or 96% fat free deli ham for 2 Points. This crock pot leftover ham bone soup is an easy and delicious way to use up a holiday ham and hambone.

How many points does a ham have?

According to Weight Watchers, a medium slice of honey roast ham has 1 point. A medium slice is approximately 35 g and is what you would buy pre-packaged to put in your sandwiches from the supermarket. A slice of canned ham also has 1 point. Parma ham is lower in points and so is wafer-thin ham.

Can you eat honey roast ham on Weight Watchers?

You are free to eat anything you like so long as you do not exceed your daily points allowance. According to Weight Watchers, a medium slice of honey roast ham has 1 point. A medium slice is approximately 35 g and is what you would buy pre-packaged to put in your sandwiches from the supermarket. A slice of canned ham also has 1 point.

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