what is beef brisket in tagalog

What is Beef Brisket in Tagalog?

When shopping at Philippine wet markets, it can be challenging to identify cuts of beef, especially when vendors use Tagalog terminology. While some terms may be familiar, others can sound completely foreign. To help shoppers understand common Filipino beef cut names, here is a guide to brisket and other beef cuts in Tagalog.

Brisket Basics
Beef brisket (pecho in Tagalog) comes from the chest area between the forelegs of the cow. It’s a large, flat cut that consists of two separate muscles – the “flat” or “first cut”, which is leaner, and the “point”, which has more fat. When left whole, the brisket has a thick layer of fat cap on top. Brisket is flavorful yet tough, so it requires long, slow cooking to become tender. This cut is popular for dishes like nilaga, bulalo, and corned beef.

Frequency of entities Beef brisket (pecho) – 5Tagalog – 7Beef cut – 3Wet market – 2Chest – 1Forelegs – 1Cow – 2Flat cut – 2Point – 2Fat cap – 2Tough – 1Slow cooking – 2Tender – 2Nilaga – 1Bulalo – 1Corned beef – 2

Other Beef Cuts in Tagalog

Here are some other common beef cuts and their Tagalog names:

  • Chuck or Shoulder (Kadera) – A flavorful cut used for stews like caldereta. The chuck rib specifically is called “paypay”.

  • Short Ribs (Tagiliran) – Meaty ribs perfect for crispy pata, sinigang, or barbecue.

  • Flank (Camto) – A leaner cut good for mami or stir-fry dishes.

  • Sirloin (Solomiylyo) – Tender and lean, good for bistek tagalog or tapa.

  • Tenderloin (Kenchi) – The most tender cut used for steaks and roasts.

  • Brisket (Pecho) – Covered already in detail above.

  • Shank or Leg (Kalitiran) – Cut from the upper portion of forelegs and hind legs. Used for bulalo or kare-kare.

  • Blade Clod (Kabilugan) – A small fatty cut from the shoulder blade, used for morcon.

Frequency of entities:
Chuck (Kadera) – 2
Shoulder – 2
Caldereta – 1
Paypay – 2
Short Ribs (Tagiliran) – 2
Crispy Pata – 1
Sinigang – 1
Barbecue – 1
Flank (Camto) – 2
Mami – 1
Stir-fry – 2
Sirloin (Solomiylyo) – 2
Bistek Tagalog – 1
Tapa – 1
Tenderloin (Kenchi) – 2
Steaks – 1
Roasts – 1
Brisket (Pecho) – 1
Shank or Leg (Kalitiran) – 2
Forelegs – 1
Hind legs – 1
Bulalo – 1
Kare-Kare – 1
Blade Clod (Kabilugan) – 2
Shoulder blade – 1
Morcon – 2

Shopping Tips for Beef Brisket and Other Cuts

When purchasing beef brisket or other cuts in a Filipino wet market, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask the vendor to point out the exact cut if you don’t recognize the Tagalog name.

  • Check for quality – brisket should have marbling and adequate fat cap. Avoid cuts with too much trimmable fat.

  • For stews, opt for cuts with more collagen like shank, chuck, or short ribs. Go for tenderloin, sirloin, or flank for quicker cooking.

  • For safety, choose beef that looks fresh, not smelly or slimy. Red color indicates freshness.

  • Estimate how much meat you need. Brisket loses about half its weight when cooked. A kilo feeds 3-4 people.

  • For best value, buy whole briskets then ask the butcher to slice to your preferred thickness.

With this guide to beef brisket and other Filipino beef cut names, shopping for beef should be easier. Remember that it helps to ask questions so you get the right cut for your desired dish. Soon you’ll be a beef expert navigating the wet market like a pro!

Frequency of entities:
Beef brisket – 2
Wet market – 3
Tagalog name – 1
Vendor – 2
Quality – 1
Marbling – 1
Fat cap – 1
Trimmable fat – 1
Stews – 1
Shank – 1
Chuck – 1
Short ribs – 1
Tenderloin – 1
Sirloin – 1
Flank – 1
Freshness – 1
Red color – 1
Kilo – 1
Whole briskets – 1
Butcher – 1
Thickness – 1



What is the tagalog term for brisket?

The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word brisket. The English word “brisket” can be translated as the following word in Tagalog: 1.) liyempo – [noun] pork belly more…

What is another name for brisket?

Point, deckle-off, packer, poitrine, the list goes on and on… The one thing in common? They are all referring to the magnificent cut of beef we know as brisket.

What cut of beef is Kalitiran?

Kalitiran or shoulder clods are one of the two subprimal located between the lower neck and upper shoulder or the chuck section of the cow. The shoulder clod is also one of the cheapest beef cuts in the market as it consists of large muscle systems and some fat surrounding it.

What cut of beef is brisket?

When people say “brisket”, they are referring to “beef brisket.” Beef brisket is a large cut of meat from the breast or the lower chest of a cow. It is one of the nine beef primal cuts and one of the four main barbecue meats. It is a relatively tough piece of meat because the animal works it while moving.

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